Swimming and tacos.

By the title of this post, I am guessing you can figure out what I did yesterday. I swam. I ate tacos. All in all a really good way to end the week. 

It is going to be mandatory that I have a swim day after each of those hard Thursday night spin classes because any other form of exercise (running, cycling, etc.) is not going to go over very well. My legs are pretty sore the morning after that class, so Friday was swim day. I got to the pool promptly at 5:27 am, and was in the water by 5:30. I WAS THE FIRST ONE IN THE POOL. I had the entire pool to myself until the next person jumped in about 10 minutes later. Our pool is usually SO crowded so it was amazing to have an entire lane to myself for the whole swim.

I swam 2000 m, and beat my time from Monday. I am not really trying to train or even get better at swimming but I felt like I was actually getting slower in the water each time I went so it was a confidence booster that I might actually be improving. 

After class yesterday I attended a blogging webinar all about using Twitter as a social media platform. As a #sweatpink ambassador, I love being a part of an awesome community of fit women, so I was more than happy to register for this webinar and virtually hang out with some awesome people for an hour.

I actually learned a ton of awesome stuff about Twitter. I never really knew what Twitter parties were before and how it really works when you “host” events on Twitter. Did you know that the most active times on Twitter are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and the weekend, at 9, 12, 3, and 6 each day? If you don’t already follow me, you can HERE @kriss_murray!

After school and my webinar I went for a long walk with my brother to meet my dad who was walking home from work. It was a solid 22 degrees Celsius outside, GORGEOUS weather to kick off our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, so we took full advantage of it. It was just about 5 miles by the time we got home so we were more than ready to head to downtown Edmonton with our neighbours for some mexican food.

I have heard great things about this restaurant from many many many people. We were having a hard time deciding which steakhouse to go to, but the little vegetarian here thought this authentic mexican restaurant might be fun. It was already lined up to the door when we got there and was even crazier when we left! You know it’s good when the place is FULL!

You can check out the menu HERE, but I decided on the Vegetariano tacos… well because they had no meat. They were AMAZING. They were very fresh and authentic and full of flavour. The soft corn tortillas tasted like they were made a few minutes ago and the veggie insides were delicious! Zucchini, onions, beans, peppers… yum yum yum! We also started our meal with hand-made tortilla chips and guacamole – equally delicious!

There were no complaints around the table, everyone enjoyed their dish and the atmosphere was really fun. It is a small joint that is crazy popular and now we understand why. If you want great, fresh mexican food, definitely check this place out! 

This morning I am hitting the streets burning off those tacos! I haven’t had a solid long-ish run in a while so I am going to see where my legs take me today. It might be to the end of the driveway, it might be further 😉 

Are you active on Twitter? Have you ever attended a Twitter party?

Mexican food – yay or nay?


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