The Habs were back in Edmonton!

Last year we went to the one and only Edmonton Oilers game in which the Montreal Canadiens were the visiting team. They only come here once, so we had to take advantage. This year was no different. The games sells out wicked fast so we bought resell tickets a few weeks ago so we could go to the game. It is worth every penny for these Habs fans. 

We had seats in the nosebleeds, and we were destined to witness the game with our handy binoculars like peasants, until a friend I met at the gym, Jason, invited us to stop by his suite at the game. Why would anyone turn that down?

Note: Jason also just ran the MEC half marathon on Saturday!! He did awesome and had an amazing time despite not feeling the best in the second half of the race! 

We ended up staying the entire game there and it. was. awesome. I don’t know how I will ever go back to the sections in the sky, I am getting light-headed just thinking about it. I think the VIP treatment in the suite went to my head.

The rest of the people in the box suite:

My brother and dad managed to somewhat contain themselves while watching the game in a public place. They get a little intense during Habs games so I was quite proud of them for not totally terrifying Jason and his actual invited suite guests. My dad is on the brink of a heart attack at each game. Again, it was roughly half Montreal fans and half Edmonton fans like last year so it is an intense atmosphere!

There wasn’t a whole lot of cheering going on for Montreal towards the end… it didn’t exactly go as planned for the Habs. Unlike last year, where the Canadiens won 4-1, the Oilers managed to break the winning streak that the Habs had going on, and win it 3-0 this year. It wasn’t pretty. 

Despite the loss, it it always a fun time watching hockey in Edmonton. We were living the life in a private suite at the game and I can’t thank Jason enough for the invite. Or should I say, for letting us crash his business suite and not have security kick us out.  We had a really fun time… until next year!

Hockey fans out there?!

What was your workout yesterday/today?


  1. I love going to NHL games. I wish I lived closer 🙁 I used to get sweet deals on tickets (i.e. free) in Ottawa because I knew people who knew people. There’s nothing like watching a game from a suite or near the benches!
    Glad you had a great time.

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