Weekly Workout Recap: Happy Thanksgiving!

It is hard to believe it is already (the Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend, especially when I look outside and it is sunny with a gorgeous blue sky. I have the entire holiday weekend off (I have probably mentioned that 380171 times but it rarely happens so I’m still in disbelief), and I have been soaking in every moment of relaxation. 

I slept nine and a half hours last night. It’s ok if you are really jealous, I would be too. I suppose I was pretty tired after a lovely long run yesterday morning with my mom! I tricked her into running for longer than she had planned by telling her I had a fun route to try… I failed to mention it was twice as long as she was planning to go. She cut back to our house a bit early but ran just about 10 miles while I finished off 12. It was heaven.

This morning I loaded up “The Hunger Games” on my computer, and hopped on my bike in the garage. I was going to spin for a while to train my body (mostly my butt) to stay on the bike for longer than it is used to. I stopped at 2 hours, and had about 15 minutes left of the movie so I did core exercises to see how it ends. That is one exciting movie. I haven’t read the books or anything, and I realize the Hunger Games phenomenon took place about three years ago but I am finally on board – it was great!

I had a banana and a homemade granola bar before I jumped on the bike because I knew I would be on there for a while I wouldn’t be able to spin that long without something in me. I made a new batch of my homemade granola bars yesterday, this time with flax seeds and dried blueberries. They are SO good. 

I wore my heart rate monitor again because I was curious to track it over a long period of time. Unlike running, my HR stayed pretty constant throughout the entire cycle and didn’t slowly increase. Can you tell I went all out for the last 30 seconds? My average HR was 132 bpm, not bad, but not crazy aerobic, so next time my goal will be to have it higher. 

I found a fan in my basement that became my best friend when biking for so long in a warm garage. I think it will definitely get cooler in the winter but with the awesome nice weather we are having, it is still pretty warm in the garage. I am definitely not complaining about this gorgeous Thanksgiving weekend weather though, there was an equal chance of it snowing this weekend! I had a pretty solid week of workouts – I got in the pool twice, made it through another Thursday night spin class of death plus another three sessions on my indoor trainer, and I ran 4 times! When looking at my mileage, it is really low compared to where I was at in the summer, but when you look at the rest of the activities I am doing, I think my workouts reflect a little more well-roundedness, rather than simply running and running and running. 

Ran/Walked: 32.23 miles
Swam: 4200 m
Cycled: 5 hours
Strength: 30 minutes

I guess I need to up my strength training! I will certainly need to get a good workout in tomorrow before our Thanksgiving feast. We usually have it Sunday night but my brother is working so we rescheduled it to Monday. There will only be 7 of us at dinner, and my mom bought TWO Costco-sized pumpkin pies. Thanksgiving math is weird. If you want to check out last year’s Murray Thanksgiving, you can find it HERE

To all of my readers – HAPPY CANADIAN THANKSGIVING! Head out for a few miles today or tomorrow, and then sit back in your sweatpants and enjoy family, food, and fall 🙂 I am thankful for all of YOU!


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