Weekly Workout Recap, it ended in rest.

It was time. Time for another rest day. I don’t think I have taken a day off in at least two weeks, so it was time to catch up on sleep, and have an incredibly lazy morning. I think waking up with sore muscles every day for a few days is a really good sign that I just need to let me body rest. Sore muscles are really awesome, because they let you know that you have worked hard and pushed yourself. Sore muscles for days in a row mean that your muscles are ready for a break so they can actually repair themselves and grow for the better. I have a science degree, I know this stuff 😉 

Yesterday after work I got to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening with my dad. We did errands, went out for sushi, and went to cheer on the Golden Bears at a U of A hockey game. It was lots of fun and I feel that the university team is really underrated because that was some awesome quality hockey! They won 7-3 but up until the last 10 minutes it was a super close game! My dad used to watch hockey games when I was a baby with me sleeping on his shoulder so I have literally been watching hockey with him since the day I was born. 

This morning I slept in until 8:30 am!! I woke up at 7:30, got up to see if anyone else was up because heaven forbid I miss anything exciting happening in my house, and then went back to bed for “another 5 minutes.” An hour later, I felt so so so rested. A big bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter, an apple, and a delicious cup of coffee were better than any workout I could have done this morning 🙂

After a pretty decent week of workouts, today was a brilliant rest day. I just realized when writing this that I didn’t make it to the pool AT ALL this week. After my swim date cancelled on me on Thursday night, I didn’t feel like going swimming by myself so I stayed home and never ended up getting back in the pool this week. I have a swim date with a friend scheduled for tomorrow morning at 5:30 am, so this week I WILL be getting back into the pool! On October 1st I jumped back into running after taking a break for a little over a week. I didn’t run far and I didn’t run fast but it felt good to be back in the game. I haven’t done a weekly workout recap in a while so here it is!

It’s official. My next event is going to be the MEC St. Albert half marathon. My mom and I registered together and I think I have convinced her to run with me! It will by no means be a “race” per se but I have no doubt it will be a blast and a half! I am not throwing down a serious three week training schedule or anything because we are just going to run it for fun. It was only $15 to register so WHY NOT?!

If you want to JOIN US, you can register HERE! It’s going to be a good time! $15. Food. Running. Food. 🙂 

This Sunday rest day is kind of great because I feel like I am setting myself up to be well rested for a kick ass week of workouts. I love having my indoor cycling trainer set up in my garage because it is really convenient and I will get a lot more cycling done this winter because of it!

How was YOUR week of workouts?

Any races left this season for YOU? If not, I hear there is a great MEC half in St. Albert that you can still register for 😉


  1. I like how “HARD” is in all caps for the spin class description 🙂
    Good job on actually taking a rest day, that’s something I need to get better at.

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