Weekly Workout Recap: more cycling than running?

These weekly workout recaps pop up so fast every week! I think I ended this week on a pretty fabulous note. I had the chance to sleep in a bit this morning and didn’t get out of bed until 7:45. I immediately laced up and hit the cool streets for a sunday morning run. I headed out into the quiet countryside which had terrible views.

Just really gross. 

I think I saw a total of three cars drive by me this morning. I ran 8.14 miles, nice and easy, nice and flat. My hands were cold when I started my run but they warmed up really quickly and it was the perfect morning for running weather-wise. I actually wore my heart rate monitor this morning for the first time in a while, and now I have a lovely cut across my chest to prove it. I should really remember to tape it or put a Band-Aid on it one of these days. 

I stayed in my sweaty clothes and made some oatmeal with peanut butter before part 2 of my sunday workout. It was strange eating breakfast in my wet and smelly clothes but I wasn’t planning on showering in between workouts! I got my spin gear ready, did two rounds of my favourite 8-minute abs video, and then headed to spin with my neighbour. I changed my shirt before I left because I figured I didn’t want to kill too many people around me. 

My mom did the earlier drop-in spin class but decided to stay and do A SECOND CLASS half an hour later. That woman is crazy. She spent the time in between classes stretching and doing core work and usually the class isn’t too full so she didn’t rush to get a bike. She should have. I looked around for her everywhere and couldn’t find her, so by the time she made it to the bikes, the class was FULL! She tried her very hardest to convince people to abandon their bikes so she could ride… 

My mom ended up just riding the “spontaneous use” bikes that aren’t for the classes and trying to follow along to a bit of what the instructor was saying around the corner. It was a great class! I haven’t been to this instructor’s class in a while but I love it, he is wonderful, and I always get such a good workout… not Thursday-spin-class-of-death workout, but about 85% of that. I left my HR monitor on for the spin class to see exactly how hard I work according to my heart during these classes. I think you can tell where each and every drill was and where we took our little rests. I burned a total of 650 calories in that 60 minute class according to my Garmin. My average HR was 149 rpm – which means one thing – I need to be working MUCH harder on my wind trainer at home. 

I came home from spin and it was past noon. The only thing about that drop-in spin class is the time… half of your day is gone by the time you get home and hop in the shower! I think it’s worth it though, because as you saw from my HR chart – it’s a major workout! When I got home from spin, this is what I came home to. Whatta guy 🙂

With a run, some abs, and a spin class, that about tops off my week of workouts. I used Thursday as my “rest day” because the only thing I managed to fit in was a short and sweet swim that was mostly to justify spending time in the hot tub. I have a half marathon to run with my mom in 6 days meaning this week will be a lot less intense so I don’t die during the 13.1 miles on Saturday. I told her I am running with her no matter what and we aren’t going to go fast, or even try and run hard, which makes the race – and the days leading up the race – really relaxing. 

Ran: 24.47 miles.
Cycled: 230 minutes.
Swam: 1000m.
Strength: 105 minutes.
Elliptical: 30 minutes.

Not bad, not bad. I definitely achieved my goal of increasing my strength training from last week (30 minutes)! My mileage has dropped to about 50% of where it was in the summer but my legs are tired from everything else I do so I’m not worried. Besides, if I sign up for a triathlon, I need to be focused on three sports – not just running, right? 😉

How was YOUR week of workouts?

Does anyone have a race coming up?


  1. Can’t say I had much of a work out this week…like you said, pretty sure I was in the hot tub more than I swam on Thursday. Lol.
    I’m signed up for the MEC race too, although I’m really not considering it a race. Just going out for some fun!

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