Working hard or hardly working.

Yesterday I got in two quality workouts, they were short, which made me want to work harder. I knew I only had 30 minutes on the cycling trainer before I had to get ready for school (because making friends without a shower doesn’t always work) so I clipped in and let my legs fly. I actually strapped on my Garmin and HR monitor for this workout so I could see if I was working hard on the bike or hardly working. I sweat like crazy when I am cycling in the garage but I didn’t know if that was because it was warm in the room and I didn’t have a fan or if I was getting a seriously awesome workout. It was thankfully the latter. 

If you need lessons in photography, I am available. That is the best photo I got while spinning. It says “138.” I didn’t go crazy and work at threshold the whole time or anything, I just tried to simulate a typical 30 minutes on the bike and see what that looked like for my HR and calorie burn (to somewhat compare it to road riding and running). It turned out to be not so shabby for a cross training activity. I had an average HR of 130 and burned ~290 calories in 30 minutes. 

After school I laced up and ran to where my dad had a massage appointment so he could drive me home. I could have just run a loop around my house but it’s always fun doing different runs and I really wanted to run along the river. It is a minimum 2 miles to even get to the river so I would basically have to run down, turn around, and run back home. 

I was hungry and tired when I left for my run, so I was hangry until the endorphins kicked in. After that I just ran my butt off (because it was mostly downhill) and enjoyed the autumn scenery. There were lots of people out walking the trails and I completely forgot my music so I was talkative with everyone I saw!

I vote all runs be downhill from now on. I ran 5.24 miles and then walked up to the street my dad had his appointment on. I did an extra 0.35 mile cool down at 8:49 min/mile, but the majority of my run was at an 8:08 min/mile pace. It felt good to go faster than I have been lately. No Garmin issues on this run!

When I got to my dad’s massage/chiropractor clinic, I made myself at home and drank their fresh, crisp cooler water. I stood there for a while to refill my cup because I was SO thirsty! 

It was kind of the best run – downhill with perfectly cool and refreshing water waiting for me at the end. I had a bit of time to spare waiting for my dad so I practiced my mirror selfies. Can I add this skill to my resume?

I had eaten one of my homemade granola bars a couple of hours before my run and I now have conclusive first hand evidence that those bars are GREAT running fuel. PLUS they are real food! 

I think I am going to wear my HR monitor/Garmin for a few of my cycle sessions on the indoor trainer. It is really easy to jump on the bike and just spin for a while without really challenging yourself and because I am a numbers girl, if I have that watch strapped to my wrist with my HR shown I know I will work harder to get it up and close to running HR. I also love to see HR graphs of interval training sessions. I don’t have cadence sensors or anything else for my bike right now so I am going to do HR work instead!

Do you monitor HR in any cross training activities?

Have you ever done HR training?

Tell me about your latest workout!


  1. I don’t use my HRM for cross training but I do use it for every run workout. I’ll periodically check HR during my workout depending on the run, and I really like reviewing the data afterward.
    My run this morning was 8x 400m on the track with some form drills. Just a few short easy runs before the marathon on Sunday!

  2. I normally don’t monitor my heart rate too closely, but I check it while running to make sure it’s not above 190 🙂 My last workout was a 5 mile walk/run with a friend! Those granola bars looked delicious and I think I need to make them ASAP.

  3. I haven’t done HR training in a while. I used to use my Polar HRM all the time. But the battery is dead now and I haven’t bothered to get it replaced.

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