4 Things Survey.

This adorable little survey has been floating around the blogosphere this week and I think it is such a cute way to get to know people! You can probably guess half of my answers because I’m not a very secretive person when I write my blog but still, it’s really fun!

4 Names that people call me.

  • Kris
  • Krissy (my mom and my grandma.)
  • Kristine (people that assume my name is short for something. FYI: it’s not.)
  • Do you still live here? (my dad who thinks if he makes fun of me still living at home enough I will move out.)

4 Jobs that I’ve had.

  • Librarian assistant (high school… obviously I was part of the popular group.)
  • Starbucks barista (4 wonderful years of my life.)
  • Running room sales associate (a brief summer gig.)
  • Recreation customer service representative (current part-time job.)

4 Movies I’ve watched more than once.

  • Crazy stupid love
  • Mean girls
  • Step brothers
  • The boy in the striped pajamas

4 Places I’ve lived.

Just four?? I have actually lived in 9 different places.

  • Prince George, BC (where I was born.)
  • Kimberley, BC
  • Regina, SK
  • St. Albert, AB

4 Places I’ve been.

  • San Francisco, California
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Venice, Italy
  • London, England

4 Places I’d rather be.

  • Hiking a mountain.
  • Reading a book on a beach in Hawaii.
  • At a cooking class in Paris.
  • Running… somewhere I can run in shorts.

4 Things I don’t eat.

  • Bacon… I never understood what the hype was even before becoming a vegetarian.
  • Banana marshmallow candies… or any marshmallow candy for that matter.
  • Strawberry ice cream… yes I will leave the entire chunk of strawberry in a Neapolitan tub.
  • Chocolate milk… I was always the weird girl in school who ordered “white milk” at lunch while everyone else got chocolate.

4 of my favourite foods.

Take a wild guess.

  • Bananas. 

  • Waffles.

  • Peanut butter.

  • Raspberries.

4 TV shows that I love.

  • Modern Family
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Deadliest Catch

4 Things that I always say. 

  • “I’m going to the gym.”
  • “What’s for dinner?”
  • “Awesome!”
  • *sarcastic eye roll*
What are your favourite AND least favourite foods?

If you could be anywhere right now where would you be?


  1. favourite food: a baguette. with cheese. and red wine. and manitoba summer field strawberries

    least favourite: bananas (I know it’s weird I’m sorry I wish I liked them but i think it’s the texture), ketchup, olives and obvs meat/fish

    id rather be in greece!

  2. Favourite food: I go through phases but right now it’s definitely garlic bread. Least favourite: olives.
    I would love to be anywhere warm… I was definitely not prepared for the cold weather this year.

  3. Favourite food right now is probably homemade pizza. Least favourite = dijon mustard…it’s terrible.
    If I could be anywhere right now, probably the west coast (Victoria) or somewhere warm like Palm Springs.

  4. This post has me seriously craving waffles now! My favorite food lately is enchiladas, and least favorite is avocado. If I could be anywhere right now I think I’d choose snowboarding 🙂

  5. I completely agree about strawberry ice cream. Blech! Also bacon. I will eat bacon on occasion but it’s not my favourite thing and I don’t get the obsession about bacon flavoured everything.

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