Afternoon running necessity.

If I don’t work out in the morning, I slowly lose motivation throughout the day to workout in the evening. I have to get it done right when I roll out of bed, before my brain figures out what I am doing. This was 100% true yesterday. Working out at 4:45 am was just not going to happen because I am really making an effort to allow myself 7.5-8 hours of sleep per night. After school it was cold and starting to get windy, and when I got home I could have easily just collapsed on the couch and done nothing all night but I asked my mom if she wanted to go for a short run with me and to my surprise she said yes. I made the decision in my head that if my mom said yes then I would get a workout in, if she said no I would call it a rest day and curl up by the fire. Looks like I was going running!

I love my fabulous winter running gear so it ended up being great. I enjoy dressing like a pylon so that cars can see me. I really want to try knuckle lights for the 0.4% of runs I do outside. We hustled to get our run done by the time it got dark but it was almost worse because it was dusk – a really difficult time to see runners! I had reflective stripes on my pants so luckily all of the cars saw us!

It was a chilly run, especially when we were heading into the wind on our way out into the country side, and the streets were a little slushy which made for some tough running, but it was only -5 and we have to get this “warm” running in before it gets even colder! My butt cheeks were mostly frozen when I got home which makes for a weird feeling when they thaw. 

We ran our usual route of 5 miles. Both of our Garmins took FOREVER acquiring satellite signal so we started walking to try and get a signal, and then started our run halfway down the street. That means when we arrived back at our house our watches said “4.88 miles” and we had to do that extra ridiculous jog past our driveway to finish it off at a perfect 5 miles. 

It’s amazing how warm the house feels when you get in from a 45 minute run outside in the cold! I did the 8-minute abs video as my cool-down and then some stretching. Stretching feels even more important in the winter because my muscles are going from cold to hot to cold to hot really fast and can get super tight doing this. 

My mom really knows how to refuel.

I had chickpea garden salad and yam fries but I inhaled them too fast to take a photo. I didn’t feel thirsty after our run, especially because I was cold and drinking cool water just didn’t appeal to me. I had to wait a bit to warm up and then drink water but it really reminded me how important it was to make sure that even though I was cold I still had to drink lots of water every day, like I talked about HERE

I didn’t expect to run today, as I slowly lost my motivation throughout the day but I am so happy I did! My afternoon running necessity is a running partner – someone to hold me accountable for non-morning workouts and help me make that difficult step out the door. I never regret finishing those workouts but they are definitely harder to start! My mom was a great sport, even though we were running faster than her normal pace and it was a perfect recovery run for me! 

What is your go-to dinner after a workout?

Is there one running-in-the-dark necessity you would recommend?


  1. Oh man I am so not digging this cold weather running. Fall weather running went by way to quickly. 🙁 I love my reflective vest from the Running Room since 80% of my running is in the dark during winter.

  2. I hate that feeling of your cheeks being numb and its so hard to talk. Also, glad I’m not the only one who keeps running to get to the full mile. I will run up and down my block to make sure I get there.

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