Everything triceps.

This morning I hit up the gym for a good ol’ combination of cardio and strength. I did a 4.0 mile progression run on the treadmill (from 9:26 to 8:13 min/mile) that was just “meh.” I wasn’t stoked on life and riding the endorphin high while running but I also wasn’t hating it. I was watching the most random TV shows on the treadmill, including “Danger Flights” on Discovery. It made me appreciate the safety of commercial flying compared to what those crazy guys were doing. It was pretty warm in the gym so even when I had only done 4 miles I was super sweaty!

I was indecisive as to what I wanted to do for strength but I started with the leg press to stretch out my hamstrings (I highly recommend this after EVERY run, it does wonders for tight hamstrings), and then figured I would work mainly on triceps, with some hamstrings and calves thrown in to give my arms a break between sets. 

I started with hamstring curls (70lbs.) and triceps push-downs (35lbs). 

Dumbbell tricep kickbacks on the bench (I use 15 lb. dumbbells… or 17.5 lb. if there is a hot guy next to me). This is a great move to focus on form. You are really only working that one area so you can focus on doing it right. I did alternating sets of this kickback and calf raises (90lbs.).

Horizontal tricep extensions (20lb barbell), alternated with sets of leg press (using calves only) of 120lbs. 
Tricep dip off of the bench (body weight), coupled with sets of standing calf raises (50lbs.). I love watching myself in the mirror when I do this one because not only do I really like to make sure I am doing it right but I like that I can actually see my triceps muscles working when I drop down and press up. Sometimes I put my feet on a second bench and drop below my feet but all benches were occupied this morning!
Finally, I did assisted triceps dips using a machine. This is where you set the counter weight and the machine uses that weight to help you if you can’t entirely lift your body weight. Instead of alternating this move with a leg move I did chin-ups… well I “tried” assisted chin-ups for the alternating sets. 
My triceps were burning and my calves were totally done even though I only did a few strength moves with them! I was ready to drive slide all the way home and have some breakfast!! Usually on the weekends I have a banana before I go to the gym because it is often later in the day when I get there (compared to 5:30am) and I need a little something in my stomach to tide me over but this morning I didn’t feel like anything when I was leaving the house so I was hungry!
I usually make oatmeal with egg whites cooked in, but this morning I went back to an oldie but a goodie, the egg white and oatmeal protein pancake. Same ingredients, different ratio. I really get crazy and adventurous on weekends. Oh, and obviously there was peanut butter. 
After struggling to think of what kind of strength workout I wanted to do after running on the treadmill, I ended up getting a good one in! It took me about 30 minutes to complete and I got a good mix of legs and arms even though my “focus” was triceps. There is absolutely no way to spot train and even though I did a lot of “triceps moves” today, it felt like a total arm workout when I was done!

If you were to focus on one muscle group to train in your next workout, what would it be?

What is your favourite total body workout?