“Fed Up” Documentary: MIND BLOWN.

I swear I am not being paid by the makers of this documentary to talk about this film. It is just THAT GOOD, I had to say something. I watched this documentary last night, after spending the day completing a mini qualitative research project. It had been on my “must-watch” list for a few weeks now, and after finishing this school project, I took the night off to watch it. My mind was blown.

“Upending the conventional wisdom of why we gain weight and how to lose it, Fed Up unearths a dirty secret of the American food industry – far more of us get sick from what we eat than anyone has previously realized. Filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig and TV journalist Katie Couric lead us through this potent expose that uncovers why – despite media attention, the pubic’s fascination with appearance, and government policies to combat childhood obesity – generations of American children will not live shorter lives than their parents did.”

I have said that sitting is the new smoking, and I still think it is, but there is another culprit in the current obesity epidemic – sugar. This film revolves around the idea that sugar is the new smoking. The contributors to this film believe that the action needed to create a healthier population is similar to the fight against the tobacco industry. We now consider cigarettes digesting, disease-causing, and unhealthy… in 20 years, this is what we will consider added sugar. 

Researchers, I mean those NOT funded by Coco-Cola and Kelloggs, have constantly and consistently been publishing scientific literature that attributes the rise in added sugar to the rise in obesity and chronic disease. The Big Food companies have strategically refuted this research and found really clever ways to come out on top, and infiltrate your food environment with more sugar. The power of this documentary is incredible, and I can’t describe it all in one post, all I can say is GO SEE IT. 

Have you ever wondered why a nutrition label has %DV (percent daily value) for ALL components of a food EXCEPT sugar? 

Seriously, go look at a label. 

This documentary explains that gem of information and so much more. I am blown away at how strategic and clever the food industry is. The food environment that we think we have control over, has actually left us with very little control, “eating healthy is like swimming upstream… it is hard.”

Health Canada has recently proposed changes to the nutrition information panel, which included a listing of added sugar. Did you know that we should only be consuming 6-9 teaspoons of sugar per day? Take a look at the next packaged food you eat and check out the added sugar. Is your food labelled “low fat”? You can just change that label to say “double sugar” and it will still be accurate. 

The simplest thing the documentary recommends to change our eating habits and reduce our sugar intake is to cook for ourselves. Not open up a can of spaghetti sauce, not add eggs and water to a muffin mix, but really and truly cook from scratch. Plus, it’s seriously delicious 🙂 There is a 10-day sugar detox that the film challenges viewers to participate in as well! You can check it out HERE!

I truly loved this film. It is really dramatic, but it is also talking about a really important and major issue in public health, so it kind of has to be dramatic. The biggest lesson I gathered from this documentary was to be an informed consumer. Remember what goals you have for yourself, which when you really think about, it probably to live the longest, healthiest, and happiest life you can. Think about that goal when you are buying groceries, when you are filling your plate, and when you are making every single food choice. It sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but it gets easier, and the more people that make healthy food choices, the more the food industries will have to cater to this demand for nutritious choices. 

I seriously wasn’t paid to say this stuff, it just struck a chord. I HIGHLY recommend this documentary. Just ask my mom and brother, who had to listen to me talk about it all night last night. I ripped my headphones out of my ears about 73 times to tell them quotes and little facts while I was watching it. I said the words, “mind. blown.” about 91 times too. 

You can check out more information HERE!

Have you seen Fed Up?

Was there a health and wellness documentary that struck a chord with YOU?


  1. I just watched this today at work and yes, “Mine Blown” was a thought I had many times. I get it’s American BUT it’s still happening in Canada too. I work with a lot of schools on physical activity and healthy eating and they do some amazing things. Some schools grow their own veggies, breakfast programs, farm to school programs…it’s all great stuff. We are missing a piece on educating parents on “sugar” and bad food and to eat healthy it is NOT more expensive. I could go on about this topic 😉

  2. So Kris just made me watch the documentary… very informative and kind of sad the way our society looks at food. Even sadder that so many companies put money before health.. I will definitely be thinking twice of what I buy when I grocery shop.

  3. 10 day sugar detox (as I spit out the 7th stick of juicy fruit chewing gum I’ve had today) I’m in!
    I’m going to start next week after my half though because I haven’t practiced fueling without my energy chews and I don’t want to run any risks this weekend.
    Great post!

  4. I love me a good rant, and this is a gooder. I’ve been on about eating better for years, mainly by cutting down on the pre-processed “foods” that come in cans and packages. Follow corn syrup back to the source, corn, and you find a huge agri-biz awash in subsidies, GMO’s, and Monsanto.

  5. I watched Fed Up a few weeks ago. I had never heard of it before and had no idea what to expect….and yes…MIND BLOWN! It actually made me cry! I never realized that so many people honestly do not know how much sugar and crap they are eating, and how “uneducated” they are. The comment that the one mother made (referring to feeding her family healthy food) about buying the low-fat hot pockets instead of the regular ones made me go “OMG!” ….its still a hot pocket…and she just honestly doesn’t know that its not the healthiest/most nutrient rich option. Yikes!

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