How I drink lots of water when it’s cold out.

I started my morning yesterday with a nice little 3.0 mile treadmill recovery run after 10 miles on Sunday. I wasn’t concerned with pace because my left hamstring was a little tight when I woke up. After my run I did 40 minutes of strength training, focusing on arms and shoulders. THIS move is my current favourite (<– link to a video showing how to perform the move properly). I had to look up what it was called because I just saw a chick doing it at the gym and copied her, not really knowing that it had a real name. Apparently it’s a single-arm dumbbell snatch.

After my gym sesh I hustled to the pool to get some swimming in. I didn’t have too much motivation to swim yesterday so I did a bunch of random “drills” in sets of 100m to make the time go by faster. I did kicks with flippers, pulls (using arms and no legs with a foamie in between my legs), breast stroke, and front crawl. At 1500m I was hungry so I showered and headed for home… not before my hair had time to freeze though! These -16 temperatures are so fun.

I realized yesterday afternoon that I had hardly drank any water at all, even after working out in the morning! When it is cold out it takes a lot more conscious effort to drink at least 2L a day. I like my water super cold so that it is refreshing, but that means when I am cold I don’t feel like drinking! I prefer my water intake in the form of hot coffee, or in yesterday’s case, a nonfat coffee misto!

I add lemons, I fill up a 1000ml water bottle and make sure I drink the whole thing by a certain time of the day, I keep a water bottle on me at all times so I just habitually drink, I try, I really do. In the summer I feel like we have no problem downing lots of water because it is hot and our bodies are sweating a lot more, but in the winter it takes a little more reminding ourselves to drink because we DO still need water! I guess I’ll just have to dress for my ice water intake.

After drinking a ton of water in the afternoon, an attempt to rectify my ZERO water intake in the morning, I was definitely making plenty of trips to the bathroom. I highly recommend spreading out your water intake throughout the day. 

Rule of thumb: Drink half of your body weight (lbs) in fluid ounces. For example, a 150 lb. person should try and drink 75 oz. of water a day. 

It’s going to be harder and harder to drink lots of water AND go swimming this winter when it’s so cold… so if you all could come join me in the pool that would be perfect! At least the hot tub feels reeeeeally great when it’s frigid outside, and hot coffee tastes even better 🙂 

Your favourite way to rehydrate in the winter? Yes mom, Baileys and coffee is a “fluid” but I don’t know how hydrating it is. 


  1. I’m pretty good at drinking when I’m at work, I fill my water bottle a couple times a day, on the weekends I suck though! I just get busy and forget, or never fill a glass.

  2. Oh we do the one-armed snatch with a dumbbell sometimes in crossfit. It’s not so bad. It’s the ones with a barbell that really suck 🙂 I am totally drinking more water since I started hot yoga. I try to get in 4 litres every day. Like you I try to get a certain amount in at certain times of the day.

  3. A misto sounds sooo good right now! I have a hard time drinking water in the winter too, but I just leave the ice out of it so I don’t get as cold 🙂

  4. Oh, I was going to say wine, but baileys is good too!!! And of course a decaf, nonfat, no whip, extra hot, half sweet peppermint mocha does the trick.

  5. I have a Camelbak, so I will usually sit in class with it and chug three full glasses (the whole 750ml bottle) without even realizing it! It’s awesome to do when I’m bored and has definitely contributed to me drinking more.

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