I am really pushy.

Yesterday I woke up at 4:45am and got my butt on the (cold) bike in the garage for an hour of spin. It was actually kind of nice that it was cool to start because I warmed up quick and still got my sweat on without being overly hot. I may change my mind when it is -30 outside 😉 

I continued to talk and talk and talk about “Fed Up” yesterday and finally after dinner I convinced my family to watch it with me. And by “convince” them I mean I rented it on Telus on Demand and took control of the TV so they were forced to view it after dinner… I’m really pushy. So yes, I watched it twice in less than 24 hours. 

They had all brought their phones and computers downstairs with them, probably anticipating that they would be bored within ten minutes, but no one opened up their laptop and even my brother stayed for the whole thing! It really does contain some revolutionary ideas, and as much as we Canadians like to think, ‘It’s America, of course Canada is better than that,’ we are certainly not. I think and hope they all enjoyed it!

After the movie my brother went to get a snack and was having some trouble finding a bedtime snack that didn’t have added sugar. He usually has a bowl of cereal, which in most cases is Kashi, Vector, Cheerios, etc. but last night he turned to Post Shredded Wheat and strawberries. Apparently it “tastes like cardboard” and he kind of hated me for showing him that documentary and ruining the way he looked at sugar, but the great thing about that cereal is the ingredient list: wheat. 

We also tried making dinner last night with as little sugar as possible. I’m not going to lie, it. was. hard. Just the little things you don’t think about like seasoning – some of them have added sugar! Crazysauce. 

What doesn’t have sugar? Black coffee.

I have already gone through two of the red cups this season and they came out on Monday… I have a problem. Somehow warm and delicious drinks just taste better coming from these red cups. 

I have been getting the itch to sign up for a race over the past few days… any suggestions? Apparently I can’t go a few weeks without having a goal in mind, so it’s that time of year that I get overly ambitious and sign up for a bunch of 2015 races to keep me training through the winter. Or I will just spend my winter watching random nutrition documentaries… 

Have you signed up for 2015 races?

What keeps you motivated through the winter?


  1. That’s awesome that you got your family to watch the documentary 🙂 I really need to check it out myself. I eat pretty healthy, but I still eat quite a bit of sugar that I could stand to cut back on. No races for me yet, but as soon as I get the clear to run again I’ll definitely be registering for some! I just try to switch it up in the winter to keep myself motivated 🙂 Like I’ll incorporate more lifting than running.

  2. I can’t believe you woke up at 4:45am! That is seriously impressive. I actually have no problem waking up at 5am, but for some reason the 4 o’clock hour scares the daylights out of me (…see what I did there?! ;))

    I am currently registered for SeaWheeze 2015, and will be signing up for the Calgary Marathon ASAP! (well half – but still).

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