I’ll workout until my iPod dies.

You know when you go to the gym and your iPod continuously reminds you that it has a low battery but when you get home you never remember to charge it? Yup, that about sums up my last three trips to the gym. The red light came on yesterday morning as I pulled out my iPod at the gym and I decided to do weights until my iPod died. That little sucker has a lot of time left after it’s red light starts flashing.

I started with a 7 mile run on the treadmill. I couldn’t actually justify all of my treadmill runs up to this point because our weather has been kind of stellar, except for the fact that I am scared of running in the dark, but yesterday was icy and that is just a recipe for disaster. Sportscentre and running in a tank top it is!

There were so many hockey games Tuesday night, which means tons of highlights in the morning. It was fabulous. I had to slow the treadmill down a few too many times to fix my hair because I brought the most annoying elastic ever that just wouldn’t stay in! 

When I finally turned on my iPod to lift weights, I figured I would get an easy 20 minutes out of my music machine… 50 minutes later… my muscles were SO done and already getting sore! I did back, glutes, shoulders, and hamstrings. The whole posterior side of my body basically. 

Usually when my iPod dies at the gym I leave my headphones in so the 80-year-old men don’t talk to me. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

I should really wear my HR monitor for a strength training session sometime. I swear I was still sweating when I was finishing my last set of hamstring curls. For a more dynamic strength training exercise I did intervals of jump rope and dumbbell punches. 30 seconds skipping, 30 seconds punching… I did 6 rounds. I only caught my foot in the rope once, which is a miracle for the uncoordinated. 

It was nice to leave the gym to this:

Yesterday I spent my morning and afternoon blogging, reading papers and nutrition articles, cooking, and studying. Oops, not studying, selfie-ing. 

If I hadn’t promised myself I would stay at the gym until my iPod died yesterday I probably would have only spent half the time doing weights. I can find time for my run but strength training requires a lot more conscious effort. THIS playlist got me through, and then I was thankful when the tunes died and I skipped limped out of the gym with that successful workout behind me!

What is your favourite way to strength train? Or do you?


  1. I do some body weight stuff at home (push ups, sit ups, squats, etc) and try to incorporate them into my stretching and rolling routine post run.
    I used to do CrossFit but I’ve had shoulder problems, and ever since my should surgery two years ago I haven’t really done much weight lifting at all.

  2. I’ve done strength training in the past on the weight machines. You have to be so careful that you are using the right technique because my physical therapist said poor technique could have partially led to some of my knee issues. I do light weights now. would love to do more (and have considered cross fit) but I have issues with my rotator cuffs now also…bad knee + bad shoulders is not a good combination 🙁

    1. Good technique is HUGE. That’s why my pushup challenge wasn’t so much focused on quantity because I know if it was, I would compromise my technique!

  3. I don’t strength train. I probably should. And skipping! It’s awesome, and I even have a jump rope, but. My basement isn’t quite high enough, and I’m not big on doing that outside on the sidewalk. Your experience with the old guys is exactly why several of my female buddies don’t go to the gym. One finally got a T shirt printed – “Class A bitch, as certified by 2 ex’s. You’ve been warned.”

  4. My favourite way to strength train is to SQUAT! I have noticed serious improvements in my running since focusing on squatting super heavy and really gaining strength in my quads / glutes. I find I am the most motivated in the gym when I think about all the running benefits it has!

  5. I love going to the gym with a new strength training regime. I write it down and try to make it exciting. As a cardio buff, weights are hard, but I like to do exercises like Muay Thai and cross fit to add an extra challenge!

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