It’s the freakin’ weekend.

We made it. It’s the freakin’ weekend. 

We battled lots and lots of snow the week which put a few obstacles in the way of getting good workouts in but I feel I made the most of each workout when I was able to get ’em done. Yesterday after about three hours of travel just to get to school and back for a group presentation, I headed to the gym. I accidentally packed long tights instead of the capris I thought I had grabbed so my legs were super warm when I ran on the treadmill. It was kind of nice though because I was cold for the other 94% of the day. 6 miles, 20 minutes on the stair master, and 20 minutes of arms. 

What better way to start the weekend than a good sweaty workout, a batch of homemade lentil burgers, and… musical theatre?

My grandma gave my family tickets to see a play at the local theatre and it is a tradition in my family to watch “A Christmas Story” every holiday season so my mom thought this would be the perfect musical to see. Last night was actually the only night we were all free and able to go together! 

I have to admit I was skeptical. Musical theatre isn’t really my jam, or so I tell people, but I always end up loving it. My dad and I made a few sarcastic remarks in the time leading up to the play but it was REALLY well done and the actors were amazingly talented. I was only 23% jealous that these children had about 873X more talent than I ever will in the arts. My mom said “This is my FAVOURITE moment,” about five times throughout the show.

Some people don’t like spontaneous selfies as much.

There is only a -36 (degree Celsius) windchill tonight, no big deal. When we got home from the show I told Stuart to take a photo of my standing next to the pile of snow beside the driveway. Stuart would like to point out that HE shovelled all of the snow today, not me, so he needed a photo too. I actually avoided my house as long as possible today so I would come home when the shovelling was all done 😉 We are pretty tall people, and that is some pretty tall snow. 

Our Friday night attending a musical theatre production was a huge success (just don’t tell my mom I said this). We absolutely love the movie “A Christmas Story” and have watched it SO SO SO often that I think we all knew what scene and lines were coming next at the play. Time to get our freakin’ weekend on!

What is YOUR favourite Christmas movie?

What are your plans for the weekend?!


  1. there is only ONE Christmas movie…..”It’s a Wonderful Life” and it requires at least 6 views throughout the season!!!

  2. I’ll probably watch Elf and Love Actually each half a dozen times from now until Christmas — I can’t decide which is my favourite. I’m feeling in the Christmas spirit so this weekend will be probably be dedicated to decorating the tree, Christmas shopping, and baking. And a long run, of course!

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