Motivation Monday: November 24

How is it possible that this is the last week of November. And that next Monday will be the last month of the year. And then it will be 2015?! Time flies. 

This is the part of the year where so so so many holiday parties start popping up, people hide from the cold in their kitchens baking up a storm, and there is always an excuse for that gingerbread cookie and eggnog latte. It is one of the best times of the year, and we shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying it. Moderation and consistent exercise are where it’s at, plus I always have some #MondayMotivation to get your week started on the right foot!

For some reason this week was full of amazing stories and awesome internet wonderfulness. I laughed harder, cried harder, and was inspired more than ever by some of this amazing stuff. 

  • Grab your Kleenex. A whole box. This girl is amazing. She has MS and when she runs her body temperature rises and the symptoms of MS start to appear and she can’t feel her legs anymore. Her coach literally catches her at the end of each race because she can’t walk. She runs because it makes her happy and she doesn’t know how many years she will be able to do it. THIS IS INCREDIBLE.

  • Now keep that Kleenex but use it to wipe your happy tears. I sent this story to as many people as possible because it was one of the funniest things I had read all week. A woman dragged her fiancé to Barre class and he wrote about it. I think the title says it all. You can find it HERE… and cue laughter. 

  • THIS is sure to get you in the Christmas mood… and the running mood, which is likely the best combination ever. It is called ‘Twas the Night Before Race Day and it is everything you want it to be from the blog It’s a Marathon and a Sprint.
  • A friend sent me THIS link, and I have also seen it floating around on Facebook and other social media. It is an infographic depicting the “cost” of getting lean. It ranges from an unhealthy overweight to an unhealthy underweight and explains what each body fat % means for health benefits AND the costs of getting to that range. Super interesting.
  • Oh, and when all else fails… THIS.

Make this week AMAZING! 

What is motivating YOU this Monday?


  1. I have a month left before my ab challenge with my pal wraps up. The “loser” has to pay the winner’s entry into a race next year. We will reveal our “abs” on FB and our friends will vote on the best abs. Yup that’s enough to keep me motivated! lol

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