Motivation Monday: November 3

I definitely wrote “October” when I started typing the title to this post. It will definitely feel like November when we get our first big snowfall, but until then, I am happy thinking it’s still early fall. Only two months left to complete your New Years resolutions 😉

After my random 16 mile run yesterday, my legs were a little tired all day, and slightly sore this morning. I am going to use a swim as some fantastic recovery this morning! Congratulations to everyone who ran the NYC Marathon yesterday! It was insanely windy (my least favourite running conditions) so you all are troopers for just completing it! If you have a second, swing on over to fellow Canadian running blog Pretty Little Grub, and say congrats to Jen who ran the race!

To read the articles about the male and female winners of the NYC Marathon, find them HERE and HERE

And now for some random and super awesome Motivation Monday!

I have yet to try a new thing for my November challenge, so this week I am hoping to get one of the three down! New things scare me, but running used to be new to me and scare the crap out of me, and look where I am now! I am going to be scouring the interweb this week for some interesting fitness classes or new adventures in my city! 

Enjoy your Monday and let me know what is motivating YOU this week!


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