Push-up progress and November goals.

Halloween was such a fun time last night. Who needs princess and fairy costumes when you can be Arthur?

It’s like my mom didn’t want me to make friends.

October is officially over. That means my October push-up challenge is over! I know a lot of you said you were IN for the push-up challenge so I hope you stuck with it and got some awesome results! I started the month with 17 consecutive knee push-ups. My goal for this challenge was not to get as many as I could as fast as I could no matter what, I really wanted to maintain my form and make sure I was doing them properly, nose to the ground kind of thing. Yesterday, I finished the challenge with 30 knee pushups! Sure, it wasn’t a crazy increase, but I am proud of myself for sticking to it (minus the three days that I missed) and practising good form. 

I think the biggest improvement in my arm strength has come from swimming on a regular basis! After many sporadic bouts of swim sessions, I think I have finally settled into a swimming routine. Having two specific days and times that I set aside to go to the pool every week makes it easy to create a habit and be consistent!

So I guess it’s November. After a mostly-successful October challenge, I am ready to rock a month of awesomeness in November! It’s easier to roll through the holidays and treats in December if you have tons of momentum from an awesome month of fitness and nutrition in November.

Because I am obsessed with challenges, mostly monthly challenges, I have officially decided on a November challenge. I am going to try THREE new fitness-related activities in November. I am going to try and pick activities that scare me and intrigue me. Fitness can be SO SO SO fun, and I am looking forward to trying new things! 

I have been selected as part of my Sweat Pink Ambassadorship to test out and review the Gigabody series of workout videos! I am excited to try so many of the workouts, especially the kickboxing and core ones! Stay tuned for some of that fabulousness because there may or may not be a GIVEAWAY coming with it!

What is YOUR November challenge?

Any ideas for crazy fun and new fitness activities I should try?


  1. I don’t have fitness challenge for November but this is the first year I’m taking part in Movember. I don’t think anyone wants to see me with a moustache…so we’ll see how this goes. 🙂

  2. I’m doing the “sit-ups” challenge this month! It starts out at 20 sit-ups and then increases by 5 additional sit-ups each day (with an occasional rest day sprinkled in). I’m going to try and squeeze in extra sessions during the early days (because I can currently do more than 20 in-a-row). I would love to do push-ups but my shoulders are still pretty fragile so taking it easy on them

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