Running in a gym heat wave.

I had sweat in my eye balls within 2.3 minutes of starting my treadmill run this morning. It was THAT HOT. It has been -25 for the past few days so apparently my gym decided to blast the heat to overcompensate for the cold. It was like walking into a wave of heat and insta-sweaty. I set the distance goal on the treadmill for 5 miles, but had to stop at 3 because it was just too hot. After a little warm up I ran the three at 8:34 min/mile. 

I had a workout planned in my head but I had to change it up because there was no way I could spend that much time in the heat. I am really hoping they turn down the heat by tomorrow morning because I want to log some miles in the morning! With running not an option (I hate running on the track), and most of the fitness centre floor blasted with heat, I was lost.

I realized I hadn’t actually done a full spin class with THIS playlist. So I headed upstairs, where is was nice and cool… relatively… to spin. Considering I had been sweating like crazy even before this spin session, I was a hot mess by the time I climbed off the bike. I absolutely loved my playlist and the energy in the songs rocked my world.

“Turbulence” by Steve Aoki and Lil Jon was probably my favourite. There are two solid long intervals that you can just go HARD with a brief break in the middle. I had this song at the end of my playlist so that it was the type of spin drill you could just leave every ounce of energy you had left on the table and finish the hour strong. 

By the time I left the gym I had lost 5.7 litres of water and was extremely hungry. You can probably guess what I had for breakfast. 

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments on yesterday’s No-Sugar-Challenge recap post! Yesterday was the first day I was “off the challenge” but not a whole lot changed in my food choice. I definitely chewed gum… like three times throughout the day. The vegetable broth in my lentil soup had a form of sugar in it, as well the sweet potato biscuits I made with the soup had a tablespoon of brown sugar in the whole recipe. Besides that, it was really easy to make choices that reduced the added sugar in my diet!

Would you rather workout in +25 or -15? What are your least favourite workout conditions?

What did you have for breakfast this morning?!


  1. I had bran buds and kashi cinnamon cereal with pomegranate seeds. Yum. And yes, the gym was unusually hot!!

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