Snowed-in spin.

I missed my favourite spin class last night. I am still mourning the loss. 

It snowed literally all day yesterday. The roads were a huge mess, accidents everywhere, and little Miss Summer Tires was still planning on going to spin. I even tried convincing my mother that I could safely drive her there and we could go to spin together. 

I wasn’t able to convince her and even I was second guessing my ability to drive across town to the gym without killing myself/killing others/destroying my vehicle/destroying other vehicles. I managed to safely make it home from school but getting back on the roads wasn’t a good idea so I stayed home. I wasn’t because my mom stole my keys and forced me to stay in or anything.

The next best thing: riding my bike on the trainer! My garage was an ice cube so I decorated the rec room with my magnificent beast of a bike. I think it looks really good in the room… not everyone agrees but I think it is here to stay for the winter! I rode for 75 minutes while watching 22 Jump Street. It was nice watching something on a screen bigger than my phone or laptop.

I was either riding inside or doing a really weird running route. This actually looks like a map of my brain after I drink coffee.

I wore my heart rate monitor on the bike to keep me honest about how hard I was working. It is way too easy to sit on the bike and cycle at 60 rpm on the lowest gear for an hour, and because I was missing the hardest spin class in the world, I wanted to get a good workout. I did some different drills. I was wearing my Garmin (for the HR monitor) and it gave me a chance to watch the clock and do interval training. I did hill repeats, tabata sprints, and lots and lots of intervals. 

I was sweating equally as much as I do during spin class so I was pretty happy. I burned about 600 calories/hour (750 total) which is good for cycling for me! It was a really good idea on my part to put my yoga mat under my bike. It will probably never be used for yoga so I might as well put it to use.

While I was spinning, my family joined me in the room and ate dinner. I continued to sweat my butt off and they came in to complain how cold it was in the house and eat a hot bowl of chili in front of me. Delightful family time. It was a super awesome spin session and it definitely made up for 68% of the spin class I missed. Now the snow can stop so I can get back to the gym 😉

Do you have at-home workouts that you go to when you are stuck indoors?

Is it crazy snowy where YOU are?!


  1. I’m in Florida so I can’t use snow as an excuse…it’s more my “lazy gene” or when I can’t make it to the gym because I can’t leave my daughter home alone. I don’t have a spin bike but I do a lot of core stuff and exercises I remember from when I was in physical therapy 🙂
    Hope you get to go outdoors again soon!

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