The story of last night’s race to spin class.

Thursdays are really awesome. I get to sleep in until 6, go to school knowing it is almost the weekend, come home and head to the best, hardest, sweatiest spin class of my life, then head to the pool to swim. Overall, it’s usually a pretty great day. Last night however I was that annoying late girl to spin class who comes flying in when class has already started and disrupts the entire thing. Fun times… here is a look at my definitely not exaggerated and dramatic evening.


My day started at 8:00am, and I had to stay on campus all day to attend at meeting at 3. The one hour meeting ended up being two hours long and it was the kind of meeting that made your head want to explode… in the best possible way of course. 

When we got out of the meeting it was dark out and I looked at my phone and saw it was already almost 5:00! Spin class starts at 6 but everyone gets there between 5:35 and 5:45 to get one of the limited passes for the drop-in class.
My bus ride is about 50 minutes long.
My supervisor and I debriefed for a few minutes about how the meeting went and things we need to do before we meet next… I was obviously super polite and cordial until she had to leave. 
I texted my mom and asked her to bring my spin clothes and gear to the gym with her so that I could head straight there when I got to the bus station where I had parked my car. She was super happy to do this for me.
On the bus ride home there were somehow SO MANY accidents on the roads even though it wasn’t snowing or raining or icy. My bus had to detour twice! The time until spin class was quickly disappearing!
I hadn’t eaten since lunch and usually I make myself a snack before spin so on the bus I dined on a very questionable Larabar that had apparently been sitting in my bag for quite some time.
The ingredients in the bar were dates and cashews… nothing can go bad… right? Once I made it to my car I had 8 minutes to get to the gym, change, and if there were any spots left in the class – spin!
I sprinted into the gym, hustled up the stairs, and ran down the track to the spin corner… all in my boots and pea coat. The class had already started but I grabbed the bag with my gear from beside my mom’s bike and disappeared to go change. I probably looked like a mad woman running through the gym, pushing elderly power walkers out of my way on the track, shoving children to the ground to get to the change rooms.
I made it back to the bikes at 6:08. Not bad. Of course my mom and my neighbours were sitting in the front row so I barged into class and plopped down beside them, right in front of the instructor. I can only imagine how much she loved my disruptions.
I was happy I had only missed the warm up, and frankly I was already sweating when I got onto the bike because of how rushed I was getting to the gym and changing. Putting on spandex really fast is a workout in itself. I was just thankful I didn’t miss spin and luckily there was a spot left for me in the class!
That was until we started doing death drills.
And that is the beauty of spin addictions. You love it so much you hate it. And you hate it so much that you love it. It was an eventful day and I don’t think I had any down time from 6:53am when I hopped on the bus to school until 10:33pm when I jumped into bed after the pool. 
If this is the last you hear from me, it is because I got food poisoning and died from the expired Larabar. 
The end.

Tell me about something that happened to YOU recently that felt really dramatic at the time? 

What was your last workout?!


  1. Hahaha I love your mom’s reaction, that would definitely be my dad. That sounds totally awful though! The only thing worse is being late to yoga, those dirty looks can kill. I’m a pretty dramatic person, but I really can’t think of anything that happened recently! The other night I complained to my boyfriend that I might actually die of starvation before dinner since we had to make a stop, but that’s just a normal Monday 🙂

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