To workout or not to workout?

Yesterday I finished my dinner at 8:43pm, which in my world means it was A SUPER LONG day. That is bedtime not dinner time. I worked at 5am yesterday, enjoyed a lovely 8 hours with my coworkers, went home and had lunch, then headed to the dentist, spent an hour bleeding and being lectured about the how hard I brush and that I don’t brush some teeth with my toothbrush vertical, drove to school for a seminar about conducting systematic reviews (just to test the theory that you can’t actually die of boredom), and at that moment I was thoroughly exhausted. 

I had a decision to make… to workout or not to workout? I had been up for 15 hours, was kind of super tired, and reeeeally thinking about whether this was going to be a beneficial quality workout or an “avoid guilt” workout. As I was driving home from school I had to make my decision literally at an intersection… left home or right to the gym. 

I went right.

I had brought my gym clothes with me “just in case” because I knew if I went home to change there was no way I was going to get back out of my house. With these recent long days I literally have to pack my life with me. School, work, gym… it’s a workout just carrying my stuff around!

I was skeptical of my decision… that is until I saw the demographic of the late night (aka. 7:00 pm) crowd at the gym. It was hella hotties up in there. I either felt great running because I had been eating throughout the day but had lots of time to digest, OR because I was more distracted by watching the boys lift weights than I was with my own sweat and soreness. 

I set my goal of 5 miles and just ran. I felt good and after a bit of a warm up I hit an 8:34 min/mile pace and ran for a couple of miles. 20 minutes in I decided to throw in some intervals. I did a pyramid of sorts: 1-2-3-2-1-2-3 minute intervals at 8:00 min/mile with one minute back at 8:34 min/mile between eat interval. Luckily there was a hockey game on to keep me entertained between sets of staring at men. 

I was really happy I decided to run today. I left feeling better than I did when I walked in, and I got more of a quality workout than I thought I would. I left the gym with a smile on my face, and with a growl in my tummy. I hadn’t eaten in SIX HOURS, so I headed home for a late dinner of eggs, apple slices, and toast with almond butter. It tasted SO good because I was SO hungry. It was probably a good thing I exercised because I sweat a lot, which meant I needed to shower, and if I hadn’t exercised I definitely would not have showered even though my hair was super greasy. No need to comment on how I went to work for a whole day unshowered and greasy.

And that is why I work out in the morning, because at night it is 387941 times harder for me to motivate myself to exercise… EVEN with all of the delicious boys at the gym. 

Update on barre: I was definitely sore yesterday morning. Not in a specific part of my body but just all over. It was about 4/10 on the soreness scale which is why running was 100% possible yesterday!

Night exercisers: Do you workout before dinner or after? Do you find you have to structure your eating around working out more?


  1. Ugh, the dental thing – I apparently brush too hard too and wore the gum down around one of my teeth. It hurts whenever I drink cold water or eat something sweet on that side. Sigh.

    Way to get that workout in after a tiring day! I used to have to commuter 3 hours every day and worked out most nights. Then I started to get to work from home more and prefer to work out before I start work at 6:30 am, so night’s feel much harder to me, now!

  2. I’m like you, if I go home a workout isn’t happening. That’s hilarious about the hotties at the gym. My gym doesn’t have a hottie hour ever I don’t think. My husband calls it the “average joes” gym because its mostly a lot of older people or people who have no idea what they are doing on the equipment. It’s entertaining all the time.

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