Treadmill workout and embracing the off season.

I wrote THIS post to try and convince myself that outdoor winter running was a good idea, and based on how good you feel afterwards, it just takes that tough step out the front door and you’re golden. That didn’t really work. I have yet to brave the -25 degree Celsius morning windchill, and the treadmill has been my saviour. I can wear tank tops and watch TV… sorry icy sidewalks, you will have to wait until another day. 

My blogging idol, Hungry Runner Girl, posted JUST FOR ME yesterday. It may have been read by her entire blogging audience, and I don’t actually know her per se, but I swear every word of THIS post was directed at me. I have been so down on my running because I feel like I have been running SO SLOW lately compared to where I was in the summer. With no races on my radar until well into the new year, I was thinking about how lost I felt with my running, UNTIL I read Janae’s post. She is also in between training cycles and she talked about embracing the slower, “off season” miles, and not worrying about where you were or where you plan to be. I have some big goals for myself in 2015, and I DO NOT want to start training for them with a burnt out body, so I might as well enjoy these “easier” paces. 

I am embracing the slower paces, enjoying every ounce of “unscheduled running” that isn’t part of some training plan, and putting the joy back into my off season running 🙂

Due to my current lack of a training plan, I can run whatever workout I want. Yesterday morning I felt like a treadmill repeat workout. I did intervals of 120:60:30 seconds and repeated it a bunch of times. These speeds could obviously be adjusted to fit your level of fitness, and more incline could also be added for some torture fun! It made the hour on the ‘mill go by SO fast! I was constantly looking ahead to the next interval and time really flew, plus it was FUN!

I did 30 minutes of back and bicep strength training after my run, because I love alliteration, and I am most definitely feeling it this morning. I am always SO SO SO careful when I do back work at the gym because form is uber important with these muscles. I start with lower weight and increase when I know I can lift heavier and I have perfected my form. 

A true test of how hard you worked at the gym = whether or not your sweat freezes when you leave. 

There is a different kind of high you get from strength training, and I am loving it. Embracing the “off season” in my running means also embracing getting stronger. Janae also talked about THIS article, discussing why you NEED an off season. It’s a quick read, with super important points, and it probably resonates with most runners out there! Happy (SLOW) running, friends!

How long does YOUR off-season last?

Do your paces change seasonally?


  1. Off season? 😉

    I have noticed though the last month that my paces have definitely slowed. Not sure if it’s the dark, cold or snow, but I certainly feel slower.

  2. I noticed a huge difference in my running once I started making strength training a priority! As soon as it gets dark out my pace slows down. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s the winter and i”m running less or something to do with visibility – probably both!

  3. I loved her post about that too. You get so caught up in your training that you forget you can slow down and run just for the joy sometimes too! I think I’m going to enjoy my off-season and trying out some other fitness stuff besides running too.

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