Weekly Workout Recap: An actual longish run.

After the half marathon last week that I was able to take super easy because I ran with my mom, I thought a lot this week about how much I loved running for fun, going nice and slow, and enjoying being outside. I decided I would do another leisurely run this weekend and take advantage of the “warm” weather we have been having! Today is the second day in November and in Canada that could mean you have 5 feet of snow, but this year the weather has been PERFECT lately. It was just about -2 degrees Celsius when I started my run but I dressed for it and by the end I was hot. 

My run was FABULOUS today. It may have been that I got 10 full non-interupted hours of sleep last night (thanks time change!) or it may have been my usual banana and Clif bar pre-run breakfast, or it may have been that the first 4 miles were run with my mom… whatever it was, it was a great 16 mile run. Yep, I actually did a semi-longish-back-to-marathon-training-style run. 

I wore that beautiful belt again. So attractive. I filled both water bottles when I left and stuffed the pocket with energy chews. I drank 95% of one bottle and that’s it. The cold weather is terrible for my fuelling habits. I can’t suck down ice cold water as often or as fast as warm water and I don’t feel thirsty as much because I am not overly sweating due to the weather. I didn’t die so that’s good. I did get hungry though. 

After my mom left me at mile 4, I turned on my Jay & Dan podcasts and ran around the town. I picked a route that I used to do my marathon training runs on so it felt really familiar. My hips were a little sore by the end but besides that I didn’t feel terrible! I did an extra loop around my street to top off the 15.51 miles and make 16. When I got home, I did something that I have seen on a few runner’s blogs… I cycled on my bike wind trainer for 15 minutes to cool down. It actually felt strangely awesome and my HR slowed down nicely, as well my legs didn’t just come to a complete stop before I jumped in the shower, they had some time to slow down and loosen up. We’ll see if that little trick pays off for the amount of soreness tomorrow morning!

After I stretched and showered, I was more than thirsty, so I downed some water and made my favourite drink ever. Chocolate and peanut butter protein smoothie. The ingredients are exactly what is in the title… chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, ice, and almond milk. Delcious and doesn’t make me nauseous after a long run!

This run topped off an awesome week of workouts. I think I did half of my weekly mileage today alone! I even managed to take a rest day this week!

Ran: 34.0 miles.
Ellipticized: 80 minutes.
Cycled: 105 minutes.
Swam: 3150m.
Strength trained: 90 minutes.

Now that I have cooled down from my run, I am craving hot coffee. I could never even imagine drinking coffee before a run, but I know a lot of athletes that do. It is usually a post-run treat at Starbucks for me instead of a pre-run necessity. Considering I have to work tonight, a stop at Starbucks is 103% likely on my way.

Do you drink coffee before a run or workout?

Do you get chilled after exercise?


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