Weekly Workout Recap: No grand finale.

I am definitely not ending this month of fitness with a bang. I AM heading out with my dad to complete my LAST November fitness challenge this morning, but I didn’t even go to the gym today and spend a ridiculous amount of time on the treadmill like I usually do on Sunday mornings! In the entire month of November I took one rest day, so today I figured I should take it easy and rest up for a whole new month of fitness challenges!

Two things that made my decision to skip a workout this morning REALLY easy: My amazing sleep in. 10 hours feels really good. 

And this nonsense. Windchill of -42. 

It was really nice to not set an alarm this morning and once I was awake, my legs were sore, I had a sore throat, and I knew the gym was not happening. Drinking coffee and making waffles sounded like a much better Sunday morning plan. Do you ever wonder what people who don’t exercise at all do with all of their spare time? Probably eat waffles with peanut butter because that is what I would do. 

I literally just spent about 20 minute sitting with a calculator and my weekly workout recaps from November and tried to figure out my monthly totals because I am a number geek AND fitness geek. It may not be 100% right because I was in a waffle coma doing it BUT: In the month of November… 

I ran 113.96 miles.

I swam 9.15 km.

I cycled for 9 and a half hours. 

I ellipticized for 4 hours and 35 minutes. 

I strength trained for almost 8 hours.

I also spent time on the stair master, walking, at Barre, stretching, and today – indoor rock climbing (recap tomorrow)! 

I am so excited for December. All of the holiday festivities, all of the excitement, all of the fun events, it is just magical! Our house was decorated SUPER early this year because it seemed like everyone was beginning to celebrate the Christmas season really early! I love it! Also, only one month left to complete all of your 2014 New Years resolutions and finish strong 😉

Do you keep track of your workouts? How do you track them?

What is your favourite part of December?


  1. I have a running journal that I use to keep track of all my workouts. And then I use my Runtastic app just to track my running mileage. In November I ran about 1/2 of your mileage 🙁 but hopefully I will be able to increase my mileage safely soon. Stay warm!!!

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