Weekly Workout Recap: Sunday runday and comfort food.

After 8 hours of work yesterday, which involved mostly sitting and very little activity, my legs felt ready to run this morning. I didn’t have a friend meeting me for a treadmill date so the miles went by a little slower than last weekend, hence why I only lasted 10 miles. I did have three episodes of Will & Grace to keep me entertained…. and lots of promos for Christmas movies that made me really excited for the holiday season. 

I managed 10 miles before I called it quits and cooled down. My average pace was about 9:16 min/mile which is basically my long run comfort pace. When I was done my run I did 10 minutes on the stationary bike to keep my legs moving while I cooled down. By the time I finished my cardio I was almost 2 hours in and had no motivation to do weights… there’s always tomorrow 😉

It seems like everyone is decorating for Christmas early this year. The number of houses lit of for Christmas every night seems crazy for this time of year, but I love Christmas so I am 105% OK with it. My mom even got out our Christmas decorations today so our family wouldn’t be left behind, even though we don’t typically decorate until December. On Friday I even wore a new reindeer sweater I bought! (You can find it HERE, it is super comfy and really cute!)

When I got home from the gym this morning it was so sunny and beautiful out. A chilly -12 degrees Celsius so I don’t regret my treadmill run in shorts and a tank, but the sky was bluer than blue. I have been craving waffles ever since writing THIS post and describing them as one of my favourite foods, and I just couldn’t get them off of my mind so I HAD to make them!

I used an adaptation of THIS pancake recipe (for one… #singleforever) and just didn’t add quite as much milk as it said so I could pour it into the waffle iron. I cooked them to perfection, obviously, and they came out fluffy, crispy on the outside and deliciously warm and soft in the centre. The peanut butter was the perfect topping because it melted all over and filled the waffle nooks and crannies… and the cracks of my heart. 

My 10 mile run topped off a pretty low mileage running week. I ran four times but did a lot more strength training than normal which was fun! It’s so tough to balance workouts when I want to just DO IT ALL, but I realize that is totally unrealistic and ridiculous so simply picking what I want to do on a day-to-day basis has kind of been my strategy this off-season. It makes me feel really relaxed doing that because there is no pressure to do a certain number of spin classes a week or “X” number of miles!

Only ONE WEEK LEFT in November, which means I have 7 days to complete my November challenge. I had a goal to try three new things this month and I have only tried ONE! I have some work to do this week!!

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet?

Is anyone training for a race/event right now?? Which one?!


  1. Yep, I’m training for the Disney Marathon in January right now. Pretty pumped as it’s my first marathon ever aaand my second race ever (first race being a half about two weeks ago)

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