Weekly Workout Recap: Things that happened.

After waking up to a winter wonderland yesterday, and subsequently enjoying the most wonderful rest day, I was ready to hit the gym and make my workout count today. My legs had been perma-sore for a few days and I knew I needed a rest day, so after I lazed around and ate oatmeal with my dad, then headed to a coffee date with friends, my mom and I went for a short little walk in the snow. It was enough to get us some fresh air, but not enough for frost bite 😉 

I hit the gym this morning for a lovely treadmill run. My legs were nice and rested so I ran 10 miles. I did leg strength training (lunges, squats, hamstring curls, leg press, calf raise, etc.) after the run and then finished off my legs with 10 minutes on the stair climber. Ouch.

I always include a bit of a warm up in my mileage but I wondered if people do half a mile or a mile of warm up and then complete their intended workout? I usually set a mileage in my head, and then jump on the treadmill and go, warming up as I run, without really a set warm-up. By the time I got to the end of my run today I was really warmed up and threw down an 8:20 mile at the end. I like to leave it all on the treadmill… and by that I mean all of my sweat. That capped off my week of workouts.

I didn’t run as much as usual this week which felt weird but my spin classes and strength training caught up to my legs and they were hella sore towards the end of the week. I knew with such tight muscles I was a prime candidate for a lovely injury so I eased back and today’s feel-good run proved how worth it my rest was. In addition to my workouts, here are some things I did this week:

I ate Wasa rye crackers. Ingredients: rye flour and water. 

“WOW, cardboard rye crackers taste just as good as REAL crackers!”

I plotted out all potential local races for 2015. I know there are literally thousands out there but take time out of school and work isn’t always easy, leaving me to scour the internet for all of the races (running and biking) that I might want to try next year. I obviously won’t be doing all of these, because I would die, but there are a good chunk that will likely make up my 2015 race schedule. This made me really excited.

I broke the world record for number of red cups purchased in the first week of the Starbucks Christmas roll-out. 

I ate a lentil burger every. single. day. I heated them up at work, I heated them on the stove, and I told everyone about them. If you missed the recipe you can find it HERE! My grandpa is the only one that texted me (yes, TEXTED me!) and told me that he for one would not be making lentil burgers and would take my word for how good they are… next time we visit in Manitoba you know what will be on the menu 😉

That about sums up my week. Food and exercise, what else is new right? After watching Fed Up (twice) I have become so much more conscious about the ingredients in food. With 56 names for sugar, it is hidden pretty much everywhere. It has definitely been an eye-opening experience!

What was the best part of your week/weekend?!


  1. If I’m doing a long run I take the first mile nice and easy so I can warm up and settle in. If I have a prescribed workout it generally involves a 10 to 20 minute warm up, but I still include it in my mileage.

    I am sad that treadmill season is here! It looks like you have a lot of great races for next year on your radar though. Wasa is a fantastic event if you are looking for a tri to do!

    1. Oooo good to know!! I grew up in Marysville so I know the area well, but haven’t been back in years! I really want to go there this summer!

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