2014 was a really, really good year.

I started going through my photos from 2014 to create a recap post for the year and it became very overwhelming. A lot of really amazing things happened this year and I don’t even know how to begin to explain how grateful I am for everything that went on in 2014. So many people made this year amazing and looking back over the last 12 months has made me realize how wonderful my life is and how fabulous the people in it are. Try getting 365 days, actually 365 blog posts, into ONE recap post… impossible.


Nevertheless, I will try!

year in review


I discovered gravity. I also discovered running with people and even though some runs bruised me and made me bleed and froze my buns off, I wouldn’t take them back for anything. I have made some really great running friends and they have become a huge part of my life! I also discovered protein pancakes, which was a revolution moment in itself.




I became a certified spin instructor! I haven’t talked a lot about it recently on the blog but beginning in ONE WEEK I will be teaching spin classes twice a week in Edmonton! I am so excited and already have lots of tough stuff planned for my classes! If you live in Clareview (Edmonton) come check out the classes at the Clareview Recreation Centre!


I also ran the craziest half marathon of my life. -30 degrees Celsius. Frost covered but enjoying the sunlight, I am so glad I did this run. It made me look so tough 😉



I turned 21 in March and that meant a 21 mile birthday run! Three of my friends joined me on this run and we tackled the crisp and cool March Alberta weather for 21 frosty miles on my birthday. Who else celebrates this way?



Apparently that 21 mile run at the end of March was a little too much for my body because April was a dismal month of running for me. What I originally thought was a foot injury was actually a glute injury and kept me sidelined for some peak weeks in Calgary marathon training. I learned a really important lesson this month: rest pays off. IMS needles help too.




I was finally back in the game and decided to run the Run Wild half marathon to “test” out my injury recovery. It felt SO good to be back and I loved every second of that race because I was really appreciating running and all it did for me.


In the last few weeks of training I had my first ice bath. It is as terrible AND as awesome as you have heard. I can’t say I have had too many since then but after really long runs I would say they are 100% worth it.



I RAN MY FIRST MARATHON. It was a terrible experience and I honestly hated every second of it but food poisoning before a 4 hour run will do that to you. I was really disappointed in myself but I picked myself up and decided my next marathon would be 9301748091 times better. Guess what? It was. My brother ran his FIRST half marathon at the Calgary marathon as well and later that month we did the Banff Half Marathon together!




I did a lot of running, walking, and cycling in July. I ran a half marathon in Calgary, walked from Canmore to Banff and back with my mom and did the 100km Tour De L’Alberta with my dad! It was such a fun summer! My new road bike came in super handy for cross training!





My second marathon occurred in August and it was a blast and a half. I had only run a 12-week training cycle since the Calgary fail-of-a-marathon and I was unsure as to how fast I could run. I ended up surprising myself and running a 3:37, faster than any of my expectations. This race really reminded to take the pressure off of myself and enjoy races!


Shortly after the marathon (aka the next day) my mom and I went to Canmore for the weekend and took a few days off to relax, hike, eat, and try out cruiser bikes! It was so fun and such great quality time with my mom!



I ran the St. Albert Fall Challenge half marathon and started my Masters of Science degree in September. This school year has so-far been a whirlwind and I am loving the field I am in! I am really excited for my career and can’t wait to finish my degree!



One of my many life dreams came true – I got to run a race with my mom! We ran the MEC half marathon together (with one of our good friends) and it was AWESOME. It is such a cool feeling to run a race with family and there is nothing like that bond that it forms. Hockey season also started in October… it is more important than the actual four seasons in our house.




November contained zero races and 100% slow and relaxed running and it was wonderful. I embraced the “off season” and have really enjoyed incorporating strength training, cycling, and other cross training activities into my fitness routine. I ran 1.2% of my runs outside because I am a pansy.



Another month of unscheduled running and I am SO ready to be back on a schedule. I love training schedules and I love races, time to get back at it! I really enjoyed relaxing and doing whatever would impress the guys whatever I wanted at the gym this month. I took a much-needed trip to Vancouver and couldn’t keep a smile off of my face the entire time I was there. I miss BC a ton and would gladly go back anytime! I also had the most relaxing Christmas this year and spent a ton of time in my onesie, eating biscotti and drinking coffee… heaven!


This year had it’s ups and downs… but they were 99.9% ups and I couldn’t have asked for a better year. I accomplished SO much, met a TON of great people, and really started figuring out what I love to do in life. It’s a good feeling. If you made it to the end of this post, congratulations, you really deserve a medal because that was one heck of a long “summary.”

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you all had as great of a 2014! I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store!


  1. Cool, I live super close to that new rec centre! Might have to check out your class! I haven’t done spin in like 4 years though!

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