A break from all things ‘life.’

I am home safe and sound from Vancouver, but already missing it like crazy. The trip flew by way too fast, like all trips do, but it was the perfect little vacation that I didn’t know how much I needed until it happened. I am pretty sure I took a vacation from every single aspect of my normal routined life and it was amazing. You don’t really realize how caught up you are in work, school, classes, assignments, running, and everything and anything fitness until you stop for a moment. The last four days was my ‘moment’ and I absorbed every ounce of it.


It rained for most of my visit but that didn’t really affect how happy I was to be there. I slept in every. single. day. Not just a Kris sleep-in of 6:30am but a not-getting-out-of-bed-until-9 sleep in. Albeit we watched a movie every night and I was going to bed a lot later than I normally do but not setting an alarm for four days was heaven. I took a rest day from exercise the first full day I was in Vancouver. It was my first rest day in 15 days so I am pretty sure I could actually hear my body thanking me. I wasn’t even stressed about it… vacation magic. The other days I was there I exercised no more than 45 minutes a day. That means two days I ran with my friend along the harbour for about 30 minutes each day and the other morning we attended a 45-minute spin class. In case you are wondering, we attended Cyklus Vancouver Spin Studio and it was great! You can find more information HERE!


I realized that I didn’t need to stress about exercising my usual 90 minutes a day or more because this wasn’t just a vacation for my brain, it was a vacation for my body. We also did a ton of walking, including a three hour walk along the seawall one afternoon, which meant my body wasn’t missing the gym sessions. Did you know that you have a lot more time in the day when you don’t drive t0 the gym for a big workout in the morning? You can do things like sleep… and bake… and relax. Also, when you hop out of the shower after your spin class and your friend has run to Starbucks to pick up your favourite drink for you, you forget how much you didn’t exercise that morning.

One of the best parts about my trip was living the most relaxing lifestyle. I tried a delicious independent coffee bar, took a ferry to Granville Island for a brewery tour and beer tastings, ate brunch at the most adorable exposed brick downtown cafe, enjoyed burgers at a pub along the water, and let every ounce of stress disappear. The hardest choice I had to make this week was whether I wanted olives on my wood fire pizza or not.

Revolver coffee



In an effort to escape the rain before I left Vancouver yesterday afternoon (good hair days are impossible in Vancouver), my friend and I toured the Vancouver Art Gallery. There was a ‘Forbidden City’ Chinese art exhibit on display and some permanent local artists like Emily Carr. I am a huge Emily Carr fan because her work comes from a lot of the places I have lived so I was surprised at how much I enjoyed my trip to the Art Gallery, normally I’m not one to spend a long time ‘appreciating’ art.

Vancouver Art Gallery - EC

We somehow managed to cram a lot of activities in my four day trip to Vancouver, but in no way did we ever feel rushed or stressed. We felt like we had all the time in the world, which made my return to the airport yesterday evening all the more sad and depressing. I am certainly glad to be home where I can blow dry my hair in the morning and have it stay dry all day even when I go outside, but besides that I already miss my friend and how relaxing this past week has been. I definitely needed that vacation, more than I realized. I am back on the treadmill today, only able to picture the ocean smell and gorgeous seawall as I run. I lived in BC for 19 years of my life, so it will forever hold a spot in my heart and this vacation was… I was going to say “more perfect than words” but I guess this ridiculously long blog post proves that wrong. My stomach is full of good food, my muscles have zero tension left, my mind was cleared by the fresh air, and my soul is happy having seen one of my best friends for the greatest visit.

Where is YOUR go-to vacation spot, or do you try to switch it up?

What was the last relaxing vacation you took?


  1. Most of the trips I go on now generally tend to be for marathons or other races. I actually find those trips very relaxing 🙂
    I completely agree with going to the coast. I love going to Victoria. There’s something special about being next to the ocean.

  2. I think most of the trips I go on now are to run marathons. In a weird way I find the trips very relaxing, but that might just be me. 😉

  3. You have me itching to go to Vancouver now. I’ve only been to the city once, this past summer, but I was only driving through it to get to Squamish.

    I think the most relaxing vacation I’ve had is the week I spent in Lahaina, Maui. I spent the entire week relaxing on the beach or wandering town taking in the sight and the amazing culture.

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