A Very Merry Christmas Survey.

Full Disclosure: I 100% stole this survey from Angie’s post yesterday. You can read her answers to the survey HERE! I think these surveys are so adorable and I love seeing what everyone traditionally does for the holidays. My mom loves holding on to traditions and my family usually has a set routine around this time of year, and I enjoy knowing that every family has some quirky traditions!

christmas survey

1. Favourite Christmas movie?

Jack Frost. I just have to remember to grab a box of Kleenex before I watch it. I just love that movie. A couple of other favourites are Elf and the Polar Express.

2. Hot chocolate or eggnog?

Hot chocolate 100%. Hello, it’s chocolate. And eggnog is gross.

3. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day – and why?

I like Christmas Day because it is SOOOO relaxing. It is possibly the one day of the year that all members of my family aren’t rushing off to their busy lives and we can spend time together in our onesies.

4. Favourite Christmas tree decoration?

My grandma has been making different types of angels each year for at least 20 years. She makes three for our family, one for me to take when I move out (haha), one for my brother to take, and one for my parents. Combined with the white lights on our tree they look so pretty. This one is my favourite.

Angel in tree

5. Where do you put your tree?

We joked about putting it on our deck this year so we didn’t have to deal with the mess and to free up some living room space but it always goes in our living room.

6. Favourite holiday sweet?

My mom’s homemade dark chocolate biscotti. With coffee. Mmmm.

7. Family tradition you do year after year?

We ALWAYS fondue on Christmas Eve. Whether it is with family, neighbours, friends, or all of the above, we enjoy a couple different kinds of fondue. It is a nice relaxing evening because the cooking and eating takes more time that a normal meal and we get to spend hours around the table enjoying each other’s company.

8. Or one you plan on doing with your family one day?

Ugh, like with my future children… like I would have to have children?

9. Do you normally get all your shopping done early or late?

I get a fair amount done early, or at least make a list of everything I need to get early, but I just finished my last shopping on Monday so I am a little late this year!

10. Favourite Christmas song and artist?

Michael Buble’s Christmas CD… any song. On repeat.


11. Real or fake tree?

Real. Always. Well until I don’t live with my parents anymore and I have to vacuum the needles.

12. Do you partake in any cookie swaps?

No. I eat them too fast to deliver them to anyone else.

13. Ever had a white Christmas?

Yes! Living in Alberta almost guarentees that! In BC it was a different story but I think the majority of my Christmases have been white!

14. What did your parents do to make this time of year special?

Anythin and everything. My mom is amazing at sentimental holiday stuff. She still fills an advent calendar for my brother and I every year with things like lotto scratch tickets, Starbucks gift cards, and dark chocolate. We also decorate gingerbread cookies and do ridiculously cute holiday things.

15. Do you still get a stocking?

Yep! My relatives on my mom’s side of the family pick names for stockings so that we only have to buy that one person gifts and not everyone. It’s super fun! It’s also not hard to figure out who got who on Christmas morning.

16. What kind of Christmas lights do you like?

White lights are so classy for a Christmas tree but I love coloured lights on a house.

17. When do you open gifts?

When we were little we would open one gift on Christmas Eve (handmade pajamas from my Grandma), then we open stockings and gifts Christmas morning.

18. Do you sent Christmas cards or letters?

My family sents out a Christmas letter each year. We used to mail them in cards but now we send it as an email attachment. Because it is trendy and not because we are lazy.

19. What does Christmas Day look like for you this year?

Quiet. It is just my parents, my brother, and I and it will be a quiet morning. We have neighbours coming over for dinner but the rest of the day will be spent eating chocolate and gingerbread in our onesies.

20. Candy canes – yay or nay?

Nah. Not my thang.

Tell me about YOUR Christmas!