Canadian Blogger Christmas Swap 2014!

Yesterday I asked you guys a very important orange juice question. “If you drink 500ml of orange juice, how many servings of fruits and vegetables are you consuming?” According to Canada’s Food Guide, the answer is d) 4. A serving of 125ml (half of a cup) of juice is considered the correct serving size. Thanks to all who answered!!

This year I signed up to be part of the Canadian Blogger Christmas Ornament swap! Leigh from All You Need is Love organizes the swap and a few weeks ago all who signed up were paired and exchanged email and mailing addresses. I was paired up with the lovely Jen from Nut Case In Point who lives just south of me in Calgary! I shopped around for her ornament and then after I dropped it off at the post office, I eagerly awaited my package in the mail! 

You are correct if you thought I was trying to include a gif from A Christmas Story in every single blog post until Christmas… it’s too good not to! I actually got it last night when I got home from work but it was late and I was tired and I didn’t have time to take photos as I opened it… blogger problems. Thankfully when I got home from work I had a procrastinating brother around to take photos for me! The card Jen sent me was adorable… and basically the story of my life.

For the ornaments, Jen sent me the most adorable pinecone snowman (I have a weird love for pinecones because they just say “winter” and “outdoors” to me). It is so cute!! She also sent a glistening snow flake ornament AND CHOCOLATE. My brother figured the chocolate was a fair payment for taking 2 photos for me. It was a really weird coincidence that we put up our Christmas tree ON THE EXACT day I receive the ornament swap package in the mail!

A couple of my Christmas gifts are homemade this year, so I was getting my craft on after work and I managed both get glitter in my hair and lean into paint while I was working. I showed my family and my dad showed me his t-shirt with a black paint stain in the exact same place. Like father like daughter. It was a great bonding moment. 

A huge THANK YOU to Jen for the adorable ornaments and the chocolate! Funny story: I included chocolate in her swap package too and I put a couple of the chocolates in my pocket to give to my mom and brother when I got home. I forgot they were in there and they melted and got all over the inside of my pocket so when I put my hand in eventually to grab them, it came out covered in melted chocolate. I guess I have a thing with staining hoodies. 

The Christmas blogger swap was such a good idea so a shout out to Leigh is in order 🙂 You can check out her swap reveal post HERE!


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