Dinner like a 5-year-old and spin endorphins.

Yesterday I had an optometrist appointment in the morning as well as a few other errands. This week has been a huge health check up week for me. After putting off random appointments for months and being too busy with class, work, and studying, I made a million appointments this week and have been knocking errands off of my to-do list left and right. Yesterday featured my eyes and my blood (aka. optometry and a blood sample) as well as a couple of meetings and editing my research proposal for school. I have worn glasses for years but only wear them in lecture halls and driving at night… or when I want to look super smart and impress a guy. That last one is not as effective as I had hoped. 

The optometrist said the back of my eyes looked perfect which is the weirdest compliment I have ever received. My long distance vision was slightly worse than last time and the optometrist showed me how I was seeing with my current prescription glasses and what my prescription should actually be. I guess street signs aren’t actually in a blurry Comic Sans font?

Random: How cute is our new furniture. That bicycle pattern is so adorable. It kind of fits our family’s lifestyle!

We went to Thursday drop-in spin last night after missing last week due to a gianormous snow storm. There were a lot of hard intervals, but short ones, so you could give it everything you had knowing the torture was going to be over soon. I have finally been able to use the gears the instructor suggests or 1 higher for each drill. Or I was using an easy bike and I am not actually getting any better at these Thursday classes 😉

When I got home I had a quick shower and spent 3.4 minutes making dinner. I used to have noodles with peas and parmesan cheese as a kid and that was all I felt like after spin. It is such an easy meal on the stomach and after all of those spin endorphins I don’t feel like eating something super complicated or spicy or fibrous. I used cooked quinoa, peas, cashews, and cheese. The bomb dot com. 

Sometimes simple meals are the best. When I was walking up the stairs after spin my quads were BURNING. I think we had a tough workout! Half of the bikes were actually empty tonight and it seems like there are less and less people every week! More room for me to sweat 🙂

What do you like to eat after a workout?

Is your gym getting quiet or is it bustling through the holidays?


  1. That is the cutest pattern EVER!!!!! I love the orange/reddish accents on it, too!

    Hmm, our studio seems to still be rocking with attendance, but I bet it will quiet a bit around the holidays in a few weeks! 🙂

  2. Hm, I never thought of adding peas and parmesan to quinoa! If I feel like cooking then I like doing baked fries and a veggie burger after a workout, but if not then I’ll eat a protein bar or shake 🙂 My gym seems to be filling up more!

  3. I def need an eye check up! I can’t really read street signs either! Love simple comfort foods for dinner. Now that it scold outside nothing hits the spot like a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Yum!

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