Elliptical was all my legs could handle.

After the tough spin class on Thursday night my quads were fried and I had zero motivation to run or get back on a bike Friday morning so I did my go-to “easy workout”… the elliptical. You can definitely get an intense heart-pumping sweat-dripping workout on the elliptical don’t get me wrong, but it is sometimes the best cardio machine to take it easy. 

60 minutes on the elliptical = 38175 regular minutes. I was definitely done with that nonsense when I stepped off. I was watching Sportscentre this morning, as always, and I could not stop laughing watching the Chicago Bears highlights…

Because it reminded me of this… 

Who else watches New Girl and laughs out loud frequently? Seriously such a good show. After the elliptical I legitimately spent some solid time stretching and foam rolling. It may have been that I didn’t really feel like lifting weights and had a bit of time before I had to leave for work, or it may have been the fact that my calves were tighter than ever and I was actually afraid of them snapping… but I actually used the foam roller for FIFTEEN whole minutes. 

I even tried to edit that photo to make my legs look tanned but it was hopeless. That’s Edmonton life for ya. Once I had put in my monthly 15 minutes of stretching, I headed for home. My car almost wouldn’t start leaving the gym and it was really really good timing that I had an appointment yesterday afternoon to get my winter tires put on because they replaced my battery too! December 6th and I am NOW ready for winter driving 😉 

What is your go-to “easy” or “recovery” workout?

If there are any New Girl fans out there, you should check out THIS, “If Schmidt Quotes were Motivational Posters.” My personal favourite:

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