Gingerbread cookies and a run OUTSIDE.

My mom made gingerbread cookies to decorate and the only time we were all going to be home was for my brother’s birthday so before we went out for dinner we decorated gingerbread cookies! We didn’t invite our neighbours over because we like them, we invited them because we needed a token 8-year-old to make ourselves feel better about decorating cookies at our age.

We had a ton of fun decorating cookies and eating more M&Ms than I used on the cookies. Christmas just brings out the creative side in everyone! Food colouring never turns out the exact colour you want it so we had a lot of teal trees and pink stockings, but it all tastes the same 😉

I’m officially changing my career to professional cookie decorator. Clearly I have some undiscovered talent. I expect bakeries to be scouting me out any time now. Just in case my talent is a little too good, this guy was suppose to be a farmer. Strand of hay hanging from his icing lips and everything. 

Santa. Or a very jaundice bearded man in pajamas. 

Before the whole cookie decorating/chocolate eating session, I hit the super warm and sunny streets for a run! Yep, my car read 8 degrees… that’s PLUS 8 degrees, when I headed out for a run. The streets were actually really icy and I slipped a ton but luckily didn’t fall. Once I got out to the country roads they were mostly wet with only a bit of ice. The fresh air felt 89871598 times better than stale gym air on my face while running. 

I only did 3.12 miles because I was really scared of falling and my stomach wasn’t 100% down for a longer run. I rode the bike for 10 minutes when I got home and did 8-minute abs. Then I called it a day and ate some chocolate instead. 

I was so happy to be outside despite the ice so I hope this weekend is nice and sunny and warm too! This random little heat wave is fabulous. I didn’t even wear a jacket to dinner last night! Back to the gym this morning because the treadmill is less dark than the streets at 5:30am 😉

Do you decorate gingerbread cookies? 

What is your favourite pre-Christmas tradition?

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