Happy Birthday to my not-so-little brother!

Both my brother and my mom have birthdays in December which makes this month one celebration after another. We used to wait to decorate for Christmas until December 12 so that my brother could celebrate his birthday without it being overshadowed by Christmas but as he as gotten older we have started decorating earlier and earlier. It is hard to believe my LITTLE brother is 19 today, because if HE is 19 then I am definitely not in my teen years anymore. You may remember my birthday post for him last year, and I swear he has gotten funnier, smarter, more kind, and become an even better brother… which is saying a lot because he was amazing to start with. 

It’s a good thing he doesn’t read this blog very often because he would kill me if he knew I just posted that photo. I can’t believe all of the accomplishments that my brother Stuart has achieved over the past year including starting business school and doing really well AND RUNNING TWO HALF MARATHONS. He has always been athletic. Soccer, basketball, hockey, sports that “required” running but weren’t really distance running as a sport itself. I don’t know how I did it but I convinced him to run the Calgary half marathon in June and he ran a debut 1:47:42 half marathon… ummm what? I told you he was amazing. 

Just three weeks later in Banff, we ran a half marathon together and it will always be one of my favourite races because it was so special to me. The fact that I got to run 13.1 miles side-by-side with my younger brother is a memory I will cherish forever and ever. 

We never fight. Never have, never will. I have always been able to tell him everything and I couldn’t imagine not having him in my life. He has seriously achieved so much in his 19 years and I can only believe it will keep getting better from here. 

I will try with all my might to convince him that he wants to run a marathon with me but for now I am happy with him joining me for the occasional run or sweat sesh at the gym. He can take months off of exercise and then jump right back in with a run at 7:30 min/mile and I will always be jealous of that, but the competitive nature in both of us loves it because we always have someone close to compete with and make us stronger. 

I am wishing him the Happiest Birthday ever because I know he deserves it. He may be 6’5″ but he will always be my little brother. 

Happy Birthday Stuart!



  1. I was going to say the same thing as Jen – I think that is awesome you guys are so close! 🙂 Happy Birthday to him!

    I totally feel older on my siblings’ birthdays, NOT on mine! Hee hee.

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