Holiday Eats and Sweats.

My balance on the healthy eating scale tipped a little bit off this past week with all of the delicious treats around. I ate more biscotti and gingersnaps than I probably should have but I ate some brussel sprouts and yams as well and maybe that tipped the balance back a bit. I managed to get at least a little bit of exercise in each day this week and that was a HUGE accomplishment because there were a couple of days that I could have spent the entire day in my pajamas watching Christmas movies.

jacobs ladder



I even did some strength training. I know, craziness. The one great thing about working almost every day throughout the holidays is that your routine has to stay fairly constant and you can’t exactly enter full “vacation pajama mode.” If I was going to have to shower and go to work anyway, I might as well get a good sweaty workout in before I go. The indoor bike has been the easiest the past couple of days because I get an extra 30 minutes of sleep without driving to the gym and I can do it anytime I want in the comfort of my home! Another reason working during the holidays is great… $$$.


My diet has been 40% biscotti, 15% dark chocolate, 20% yams, 15% vegetables, and shockingly 10% beer the past couple of days and I didn’t hate it. Winter Ale by Granville Island Brewery is ah-mazing. Seriously, try it. I am not a wine drinker or a sipping martinis kind of girl, just pass me a great beer and I’ll be happy. I hardly ever drink but ’tis the season 😉




I also spent a fair amount of time drinking coffee.


And actually doing my hair.


A balanced holiday season is possible and enjoying the holidays without feeling guilty is really hard to do but I think I nailed it this year. I enjoyed such great holiday time with my family, went for walks with my mom, played board games with my neighbours, and yes… ate chocolate and drank beer. I also worked out, not obsessively but hard and efficiently. My legs were sore for days after that leg strength workout (apparently leg pressing 388lbs will do that to them), and though I didn’t run as much, I cycled my butt off!

I hope everyone was able to find some balance in their holiday week!

What was the best thing YOU ate this week and your favourite workout?


  1. There has been so much good food over the past few days that I really can’t pick a favorite food item yet but my hill training workout yesterday is definitely my favorite holiday workout so far 🙂 I have to rest my knee a bit tomorrow and hopefully I am back doing hill work by Monday!

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