It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Nope, not the holiday season… NEW SHOE TIME. I received a pair of shoes from Brooks on the weekend when I met up with the Brooks rep for the Canadian prairie region. She is a ball of energy and so much fun. You can’t help but be happy when you are hanging out with her. We met for coffee and had random deep discussion about life and what we want to be doing. We decided that moving to the mountains and hanging out in the wilderness all day sounded like a good plan. I wish… 

I was so excited when Brooks asked me what shoes I wanted because of course I said new PureCadence. I have literally run my 2s into the ground and after buying two pairs of that version, I really wanted to try the 3s! They actually JUST came out with the PureCadence 4 so I am a little behind the times, but these shiny new PureCadence 3s look more than amazing. 
Gorgeous as always. I am so excited to try them out and that is exactly what I will be doing on the treadmill this morning. It is suppose to warm up around these parts in the next couple of days but until then the dark and ice and cold have limited my running options. I wanted to try them out for my 10 mile run on Sunday but I figured a 90 minute run probably wasn’t the best time to test new shoes. 
Obviously I took all of the photos in this post. They are so clear and bright and that is totally my photography style. (Actual link HERE). The shoes I have been running in lately are the Brooks Ravenna 5s. You can find my review of those shoes HERE. I am convinced Brooks shoes make me run faster than other shoes. 
I will definitely write a follow-up post about these shoes but I know they are going to be good ones. Finding the brand of shoe that works for you is a real treat!
A random side note: as I mentioned, I was marking a Nutrition 100 exam yesterday and it is essentially a course covering all of the basic nutrition topics you could imagine. The most common question that people got wrong was about simple serving sizes… oh and a lot of people thought coca-cola was a dairy product and potato chips were a grain product? WITHOUT CHEATING (aka opening up a new browser tab and googling the right answer), see if you can answer this questions correctly:
If you drink 500ml of orange juice, how many servings of fruits and vegetables are you consuming?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
e) 5
Answer to follow tomorrow!


  1. My first reaction was 1, buut thinking about it, that’s a lot of oranges to get that much juice so I’ll go with 5.

  2. A half liter of juice takes a lot of oranges! I’m going to guess 4. Yes, 4. No googling, though I looked at the orange on my desk while thinking about it.

  3. That does not surprise me that question is frequently wrong. Most people assume 2 I would guess. As a Dietitian, I know the answer, but I won’t spoil it for other readers…

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