Like a good ol’ Pinterest fail.

I was super bored last night after dinner because I had already worked out at 5am on my indoor cycle trainer and I had finished all of the studying I wanted to do for the day, so I decided to bake. I try to make relatively healthy recipes when I bake so I chose to make a whole wheat zucchini chocolate chip loaf and greek yogurt banana chocolate chip muffins. Ok so 92% of the ingredients were healthy, but baking equals chocolate in my mind. 

I had a slice of the zucchini loaf with peanut butter for a bedtime snack alongside a cup of orange spice tea. The peanut butter got nice and warm and melty and it was amazing. The loaf had a nice crispy outside but a soft and delectable inside. I used THIS recipe but omitted the 3/4 cup of sugar and used 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce, cut the oil down to 1/4 cup, and used dark chocolate chips. It’s all about the moderation. 

Next up were the greek yogurt banana muffins. If you haven’t stumbled upon Running with Spoons, a fellow Edmontonian blogger, she is a super adorable and whips up the best stuff in her kitchen. We actually met for coffee a couple months ago and she was just as sweet as she seems in her blog! Her food photography is also amazing, and I used her banana oat greek yogurt muffin recipe. I didn’t use a blender to mix the batter but I did grind up my oats to make oat flour for the mix. I followed the rest of the recipe to a tee and they came out perfectly. Now if only I could get the food photography down. I think that is going to be my summer goal. It is so much easier in the summer with all of the natural light. My kitchen lights make everything look inedible!

And now Amanda’s photo (Running with Spoons)…

It is like one of those Pinterest fail comparisons. Have you seen those? People trying to make things they see on Pinterest and it goes horribly wrong? If you haven’t seen those, you can find one HERE! I swear my banana muffins TASTE just as good, but they just don’t look it!

As for the aforementioned 5am workout… it was a solid sweaty 60 minutes on the bike. I did a super simple workout because I didn’t feel like being creative and was still half asleep. I did 5 minutes of riding on a flat (easy gear, about 90 rpm), 5 minutes of riding on a moderate incline (adding a gear or two to the flat at the same speed), and 5 minutes hard seated climb (switching to the big chain ring and adding a few gears in the back to get a good climb on). I repeated those three moves four times for a total of an hour. I got caught up on all of the sports highlights AND got my workout done for the day, all before 6am!

I didn’t mention my December Challenge when I recapped my fantastic November challenge (you can find that HERE!), but I plan on getting out snowshoeing at least FOUR times this month, trying to embrace the cold weather instead of hide from it. I also am challenging myself not to bring my laptop to bed with me. I spend so much useless time on my computer in bed when I could be getting an extra hour of sleep, so I am leaving my computer out of my room and cracking open a book instead. Has anyone read this or seen the movie? 

Reading always puts me in the perfect sleeping mode so I am trying to break my technology habit and do different things at night instead of sit watching TV or on my computer. Baking, crafting, reading… there are so many more screen-less things I could be doing!

What do you do as a hobby when you aren’t attached to a screen (and not exercising)?

What was the last book you read?


  1. Have you always been an early riser or did you have to train yourself to be? I want to be an early bird so badly (…in theory) and yet whenever I try to get up in the mornings I just freaking can’t make myself 🙁 Any tips? You’re so motivating!

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