Motivation Monday: December 15

Yesterday evening I was so exhausted! After my not-so-spontaneous half marathon (I can only claim spontaneous half marathons for the first few), I came home, showered, ate waffles, and then spent the entire afternoon painting. I have been really into random crafts lately without all of the school nonsense to get in my way, so by the time dinner rolled around my back was sore and I was SO tired! Crafting really takes it out of you!


The motivational links this week are ALL awesome. I had to stop myself because I kept finding more and more great stuff. My friend met me at the gym this morning at 5:30 and I think that is my #1 tip for motivation this week – find a friend to workout with. Running on treadmills is great because you can each run your own pace but also enjoy conversation!

  • THIS is a really great Women’s Health article about obsessively using the scale. A nutritionist weighed herself 15 times throughout the day and shows just how much your weight can fluctuate in mere hours, sometimes minutes! Thought the scale had a range of SEVEN pounds during the day, she points out that she never actually gained a single pound of body fat… super interesting!
  • THIS man proposed to his girlfriend via running routes. How adorable. Even though the message was only 5.71 miles, he ran over 15 to get it perfect.
  • A wonderful article about inspiring female runners. The article contains one of the most famous photos in running history and I probably don’t even have to tell you who is in this photo or what is happening. If you haven’t read Kathrine Switzer’s book, you really should… you can check out my recap HERE! It was actually the book that inspired me to register for my first marathon.
        A great breakdown of what happens to your body when you stop working out


    . Whether it is injury, lack of motivation (which won’t happen if you read my Monday posts), or a change in fitness routine, this article provides information on just what will happen to your body in those scenarios.
  • Hurrah! Who is ready to celebrate this glorious new Canadian holiday, Health and Fitness Day, the first Saturday each June. The idea of the holiday is to get Canada moving and changing the lifestyles of Canadians to be healthier to reduce health care costs of chronic disease and obesity that result from unhealthy lifestyles.
  • If you need that one extra ounce of motivation this week, check out THESE awesome and inspirational Instagram accounts. From some of the best runners, you will be ready to tackle any workout!
Only 16 days until 2015!! How strange and crazy is THAT! Remember those New Year’s resolutions you created 349 days ago… did anyone stick to theirs?

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  1. I don’t even remember my new years resolutions 🙁 I really should write them down….maybe that will be one for 2015 “write important things down”.
    I’ve “scaled down” my scale obsession to only once per day and occasionally I even miss a day (shocking I know!)

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