Motivation Monday: December 22

This may be the hardest week for motivation. It is Christmas, there are parties, there is baking, there is unbelievably DELICIOUS baking, and there are so many opportunities to skip workouts but being 80% consistent through the holidays really does make a difference. Even if you are just going for a 30 minute walk each day, getting up and outside will make you feel so much better! I love the Christmas season and by no means do I resist my mom’s amazing biscotti with a cup of coffee in the morning and I just HAD to taste test the gingersnap cookies I made yesterday afternoon, a little indulgence won’t’ hurt, but it also makes what you do the rest of the time a little more important :).

  • HERE are three simple ways to stay on track this winter. Making a schedule is important because it holds you to your workouts. It may or may not be the same as your normal routine and that’s ok. Consistency is key because even though your workouts may not be as intense or as long as they normally are, maintaing that habit will help the post-season recovery!

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  • If you are braving the wintery conditions to go for a run (because it is now officially winter!) check out THESE tips for running in slippery conditions. May favourite one is to run with a buddy because at this time of year we are hopefully surrounded by family and what better way to keep everyone healthy and happy than to exercise together! It also holds each person accountable to one another.

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  • Finally, indulge, but be wise about it. There ARE still healthy options around, but serving size is probably key. One gingersnap, not five 😉 Check out THIS article for a comparison of similar holiday treats in order for you to make your best decisions this week.


I don’t agree with the messages of all of these, but at least they are good for a laugh :). Stay motivated this week, hopefully you have some time off to enjoy quality moments with family and friends, and this should be the LEAST stressful time of year, yet somehow it ends up being the most stressful, so try to relax a little bit.






Do you get time off this week?

Will this Christmas be quiet and low-key or noisy and full of people?


  1. Run with a Buddy….does this mean I get some company on my tempo and progression runs over Christmas?? 😉

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