Motivation Monday: December 29

I think I need a double dose of Motivation Monday today because there are only 3 more days of 2014 and before we knock the socks off of 2015, we have to finish off 2014 strong! If those 381794 pieces of dark chocolate almond bark weren’t motivation enough, here are some fabulous Motivation Monday links for you to kick off the last days of 2014 and start your 2015 on the right foot!

Motivation Monday

  • Just another reason to strength train! I did in fact stay at the gym for a while doing strength training yesterday after I had put it on my weekly workout recap. My 5 miles actually flew by really quickly because people I knew randomly came by and said hi to me while I was running. I tried to show off my fabulous calf muscles to the sausage fest of a gym by doing both leg and arm strength training. I am confident doing legs in the gym with a ton of guys but arms… not so much. You can check out the weight training article HERE.

Strength training

  • Runner’s World had a great article HERE about the women’s sub-2 marathon. Has Paula Radcliffe already run the equivalent? The “Mercier calculator” certainly seems to think so and places her 2:15:25 fastest female marathon ever at an equivalent of a 1:59:55 mens marathon.

Radcliffe Paula

  • Can’t balance? Check out THIS article for reasons why. I sometimes have terrible balance and it is usually when I have been slacking on my strength training, specifically core training. My mom does yoga a ton and really notices how much it has advanced her balance… she even will voluntarily show you how she can do a “teddy bear stand” (I don’t know what the actual yoga term is) for a fairly long time!


  • Finally, THIS article was really interesting and I actually asked myself this question the other day when I was heading down to my bike to cycle on Christmas Day. Do people take Christmas off or even New Years Eve off? Do people head out the door no matter what on New Years Day to start the new year off right? Check it out!



What is motivating YOU for the last few days of 2014?

Do you take the end of the year off or do you ramp it up?


  1. Right on! I like to shake off those holiday goodies/bevvies and try and finish the year with dignity 🙂 Haha. Yeah… working on that.

  2. I don’t think my training changes, but my diet definitely suffers this time of year.
    Sounds like we need a New Years Day resolution run!

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