Motivation Monday: December 8

Today I am invigilating the University of Alberta Nutrition 100 final exam. I will also be marking it when the students are finished. I did the same for their midterm and it was SO NICE to be on the other side of the exam writing process. People are really sweaty and shaky when they write exams. I have been actually auditing the Nutrition 100 class this entire term so that I could have the basics of nutrition in my mind as I complete my Masters in Community Nutrition. I was literally going to class purely to learn, not even getting credit for it. My brother’s mind was blown at this concept… especially because class was at 8am twice a week. I honestly found the class very interesting and learned a lot about the importance of good early childhood nutrition!

I will be at the University today for 8 hours, and at work for 5… Motivation Monday is necessary. 

You guys thought I was crazy for running two hours on the treadmill a few weeks ago, how about THIS guy who ran 100K on the treadmill and set a new Guinness World Record. He was running 6:26 min/mile!! I can’t even run one mile in that let alone 62! 

Just because I have been doing a ton of projects in school and reading loads of research about THIS topic: the Mediterranean diet once again brings in evidence of its superiority. I think one HUGE thing to point out about the Mediterranean diet is that it is more of a lifestyle that a diet. Walking or cycling to the market for fresh food, enjoying meals with company, eating slowly… it is not just the food we eat sometimes but how we eat it. 

THIS is a great article about how you can carve out time in your day to exercise. I KNOW I waste time throughout the day but who knew it could add up to so much. I am definitely guilty of this one. 

So… THIS is a thing now. The beer mile had a championship race recently. One of the first comments in the video is, “look at that chugging technique,” so you know this sport is legit. I cannot imagine the stomach issues at this race. Props to these ladies. 

Finally, HERE are some pretty inspirational stories from an article in Runners World. All of these folks used running to help them lose weight but I’m guessing the gained a whole lot more than they lost. The smiles on their faces in the “after” photos are fabulous. 

After 8 hours of invigilating and marking today I get to work for 5 hours. I think I need coffee more than motivation today 😉

What is motivating YOU this week?


  1. I’m right there with you girl. Class this morning, studying for finals, then running off to work for 7.5 hours and then coming home to study again. Gotta love finals week 😉 I’m telling myself that it’s only for this week and then I can relax again haha. I can’t believe that guy ran so fast for so long, that’s amazing!

  2. I’ve always wondered what being on the other side of exam writing is like. I think it would certainly be interesting to watch people write one!

  3. I hope your day goes well today!
    I cannot begin to fathom running that fast…for that long…on a treadmill. That is some serious mental toughness right there!

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