November Challenge Recap.

I am really good at procrastinating, even for a whole month, and I left my last November Challenge until the last day of the month! In case you missed it, at the beginning of November I challenged myself to try three new fitness-related things throughout the month. I am always hearing about new fitness trends, awesome classes, and I say I’m going to branch out and try something new but there is always an excuse not to and I usually take it. It was a challenge because I had to research, schedule, and plan the activities AND convince myself to do them. It was a really beneficial challenge for me and I had a TON of fun! 

Challenge #1: My first challenge was attending an MEC bike maintenance course. You can read the recap HERE, but to sum it up I learned so much and I will definitely be better able to take care of my bike and change a flat in the summer!

Challenge #2: Barre class. This one probably took the most convincing but I discovered this crazy awesome world of ballet fitness. I was skeptical and certainly underestimated how great of a workout I would get but HOLY it was hard. I loved it! You can read the recap HERE!

For my third challenge, I went indoor rock climbing! My dad was totally game to go with me so we spent yesterday Christmas shopping and rock climbing together!

I was only hesitant because I really thought you needed to take a course or at least have some training to indoor rock climb but this gym made it really easy to be able to drop in and climb. I channeled my inner Katniss and when I made some sweet moves on the wall I pretended I was training for the hunger games. 

The rock climbing gym we went to also has cross fit and yoga! It is actually super close to my house and everyone working there was super nice. We went to Rock Jungle Fitness in Edmonton. For more information, check out their website! It was about $25 each to climb for an unlimited amount of time, including shoe and harness rentals. Once we were suited up they gave us a quick tour of the gym and showed us how to use the auto-belay ropes and how to boulder. 

We started on the “easier” walls and it was super fun! There was a little child’s birthday party going on and the children were climbing the same walls we were so obviously it wasn’t insanely hard, but it is such a good workout! I made sure to go further than all of the children because it was really embarrassing when they started passing me. We did a bit of the auto-belay climbing which is AWESOME, and then some bouldering (climbing with no ropes above mats) and that was such a great workout because you have even more incentive to hold on tight because you will literally fall to the ground if you let go… albeit on mats, but still. Once our arms were shaking and sweaty, we went back to the rope climbing, and did a few more. Just over an hour later we were SO tired. Holy heck that is a good workout!

Our arms are 98% sore this morning. For real, this was an amazing upper body workout. For a girl that has no upper body strength, this was tough but such a dynamite challenge. Rock climbing is the bomb dot com!

What I learned from my November challenge:

There are so many ways to make fitness fun. I honestly wanted to rock climb just for the fun of it but ended up getting an amazing workout! Same with barre, it was really fun and challenging and such a good workout. Being active doesn’t have to mean lifting weights and running, it can mean trying fitness classes, rock climbing, skating, tobogganing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, playing tennis or racquetball… the possibilities are endless! Fitness CAN be super fun! 

I also learned that being really good at one thing (or mediocre at something like running) doesn’t mean you will be good at other fitness activities. I have the flexibility of lead pipe, and I know I am not good at yoga, and you should have seen the guys climbing yesterday at the rock wall, they were so strong! I can lace up and go for a long run without much preparation but there are so many fitness activities that I am a total newbie and really terrible! Find things that you would love to try and don’t be afraid of being “that new person” that can’t figure out how to do the moves or can barely scale the kiddy wall at the rock gym. No one is judging you because they have all been there. Don’t ever be afraid to try!

What did YOU accomplish in November?

Any goals for December?!


  1. Barre is pretty interesting! I took ballet in university (just intermediate level stuff, no pointe shoes or anything) and my butt was amazing during that time. It was really hard!

    I accomplished a marathon – that was enough for me 😉

  2. So do you think you will go back for more of any of the new activities you tried in Nov?

    I am horrible at rock climbing but think it’s a total blast. And hey, if you can stay ahead of the kids, that is great – think of how much less body mass they have to pull up!

    My big November accomplishment was a new monthly running PDR 😉

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