One of those uber productive days.

It is far too easy to sleep-in in the morning when it is dark outside and abnormally quiet in my house. I swear it was 4:00am when I woke up yesterday but it was 7:30! My brother is mailing it in this semester and decided to not go to class so he was still sleeping, my mom didn’t work until mid-morning and she was still sleeping, and my dad was so quiet that I didn’t even hear a peep which meant I was still sleeping! It felt weird to be at the gym with the housewife and mom crowd but I got my workout done and got the heck out. 7 miles on the glorious and warm treadmill, stretching, and 25 minutes of legs. 

Do you ever just sit down for dinner or at the end of the day and think, “Holy crap, I was so freaking productive today!” That is what I did last night, except I didn’t just think it, I most definitely said it aloud to anyone that would listen. I spent my day getting all of those annoying errands (that are easily procrastinated) done. I spent a lot of time driving around from place to place and just getting stuff off of my to-do list.
I had a package to mail for the Canadian blogger Christmas swap, so I made a stop at the post office inside Shoppers Drug Mart and took advantage of the free blood pressure check. Like all normal-80 year olds, I love knowing my blood pressure and I am happy to say I have basically perfect BP. It deserved a photo. I think my pulse was so high because I was literally running around doing my errands (it is normally resting at ~49). 
Now that we have three feet of snow I thought I would plan ahead and put some winter tires on my vehicle. Always one step ahead of the game. I stopped at three different tire shops and visited my favourite mechanics who ended up giving me the best deal with the best service. I am pretty sure those handsome dudes could convince me I needed $5000 tires and I would buy them. Oh and just a heads up, don’t try buying winter tires in December in Alberta because they are probably all gone. 
My mom went to spin class last night and I had all intentions of joining her because… spin. Once I sat down after doing all the errands I dug into some research papers and prepped for class this morning and had no energy left in me to spin. Actually once I got to spin I would have rocked it but that whole getting my butt out the door didn’t happen 😉 Just one workout yesterday ended up being enough to tucker me out!
I am utilizing my indoor wind trainer this morning and it makes me so happy that I can get a solid workout in before school INSIDE with NO SNOW!
What is YOUR workout today?
Do you leave all of your errands to one big day or are you smarter than me and do them as they come?


  1. Nice BP!!! Those are some stellar #s. I need to check mine soonish. Mine is always high :-/

    LOL about the tire guys. It’s good to have guys you can trust.

    I like to spread errands out. My husband likes to get them done all together.

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