Shorts in December.

Yesterday, even though my only commitment was a seminar at school at noon, I dragged my butt out of bed at 5:00am to get to the gym dark and early. All lanes were open at the pool at 7:00 and I wanted to get a bit of cardio in before I went swimming so 5:30 I had my feet planted on the stair master. I did 30 minutes, took a break to do 8-minute abs (which I have memorized) and then did another 30 minutes. I drove over to the pool and finally got some swimming in after almost three weeks of avoiding it. 1500m felt harder than normal… which I guess serves me right for taking so much time away from the pool! I left the pool in shorts and flip-flops, just loving this Alberta winter heat wave!

How did I make it to the pool so early? I told one of the lifeguards (we know each other, not just a random person) that if he didn’t see me at the pool by 7:30, he had to call me and tell me to get my ass to the pool. I was slightly terrified he would actually do it so I made sure I was there! That is probably one of the best ways to make sure you get your workout in… tell someone else to hold you accountable. It is really dark at 5:30am but I knew someone expected me to be at the pool by 7 so I HAD to go! Works like a charm.

In case you were wondering what Santa does the other 364 days a year when he is not working… he is reading apparently. On the bus home from school Santa was waiting at the crosswalk to head into the library. 


I thought it would be disgusting but I bought it anyway because I figured I would suck it up for the Christmas season. We had just made gingerbread cookies the other day and they smell amazing… I am happy to report that this stuff smells equally as good. Christmas win! 

This morning after nine hours of glorious sleep I went to the gym with my mom. A quick 4 mile run, 30 minutes of spin, and 12 minutes of arms (it was going to be longer but meeting a friend for coffee > big biceps). I pretended I was in a spin class while I was on the spin bike and I pushed myself really hard – making the most of those 30 minutes. 

What was YOUR workout this morning?!

Are you done your Christmas shopping?


  1. My workout this morning was two hours and fifteen minutes worth of poor decision to run outside on the ice…

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