The Ultimate Guide to Fitness Gift Guides.

It is a super trendy blogging thing to do to write a gift guide for the holidays. I had planned to post the best gift guide for runners and fitness enthusiasts but then I saw a ton of other wonderful fitness blogging ladies doing the same and decided that I would create the guide to guides. These bloggers had so many fabulous ideas that instead of rewriting what they wrote, I would just show you the best of the best! The photo shows my favourite idea from their gift guide and if you click on the link it will take you straight to the gift guide on their blog! 


  • Hungry Runner Girl. Seriously, get any runner… get anyone who works out… actually get ANYONE a massage and they will be eternally grateful. 

  • Pretty Little Grub. A lot of specialty fitness classes (aka. BARRE) are super expensive and although they are fun and great, it is hard to spend that kind of money! If someone wants to sponsor my attendance of barre and spin classes that would be fabulous. 

  • The Athletarian. This girl is on a roll with her races and currently training for Pheonix! She knows her stuff when it comes to running and always has the cutest outfits BUT she also knows the importance of safety!

  • Runner Leana. Holy this girl does it all (run commutes and Ironmans… crazy inspiration) and she suggests picking up cordless headphones for your favourite runner. Really great idea, I have some for swimming but I should really try them running!

  • Peanut Butter Fingers. How adorable is this vest? Julie from PBF is always styling and I can only imagine how cozy and warm this vest would be. I feel like vests are almost the perfect gift for someone because you don’t have to worry as much about sleeve length and size AND they work for more than one season!

  • Peanut Butter Fingers. Yes, a second time. THIS gift guide from Julie may be my favourite and simply the title will tell you why, “Gifts that Give Back Gift Guide.” How awesome is that! Check it out for some great ways to give back while Christmas shopping. 

  • Girl Goes Running. Heather has this adorable idea on her gift guide – a running mug full of photos from races and runs. It is so cool! How is that for morning inspiration while you are drinking your coffee?! I have also heard of people who send their bibs into a company that makes tote bags out of them which, if you can get your hands on a runner’s bibs, would be so cool (as long as they actually wanted that done with them ;).


There are tons of other fitness gift guides out there but I thought I would highlight some of my favourites. These ladies are super inspirational and just plain awesome, so head over to their blogs and show them some love. There you have it, the guide to gift guides. I honestly think the best gift you can give a runner or fitness enthusiast in your family or in your circle of friends is SUPPORT. Even if you hate running and even if you don’t understand why someone would voluntarily spend two hours at the gym or in the pool, just show that person you support them and that will mean more than any gift in the world 🙂

What is on YOUR fitness wish list?

Do you have a gift guide that you have stumbled upon this season that I missed?


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