Weekly Workout Recap: Christmas Holidays

Yesterday I did my “longer” run of the week because I am working this Sunday morning. My “long” run ended up being only 8.2 miles because my legs felt like lead and I was bored on the treadmill. After an hour of sports highlights I could only run so much further… and then just stopped. I don’t know why my legs felt like they were made of bricks but when they told me to stop, I did. I start feeling bruises on my shins when I push my legs too hard and that has been happening this week so it was definitely a sign to slow down and take it easy… hence no random half marathon this weekend! There are always those random days too when you feel like you just can’t get your legs moving faster!


I have a feeling it was that 5 minute stint on the Jacob’s ladder this week. That thing always does me in. No joke… this cardio machine is Crazy (as in, capital C, crazy). I sweat like mad on the Jacobs ladder and when I want to target my legs instead of my whole body, I will use the hand rails and just go faster climbing the rungs with my legs. It burns throughout your entire leg!


Even though it was Christmas this week and I’m sure everyone struggled to find a routine or even a decent normally portioned and healthy meal… my week of workouts was in a word:


Well, not really, but I tried. I ran 4 times including my 5 mile projected run today which I have written in this recap so it MUST happen after work this afternoon. I am hoping if I write “45 minutes arms” and publish it on my blog for the world to see, I will stick around the gym long enough to actually complete 45 minutes of arm strength training. Cross your fingers. My bike came in really handy this week when I had no desire to leave my house but a big desire to sweat from my eyeballs. All in all, a fabulous week of combating Christmas calories.

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 8.57.30 PM

I am so excited for the new year, I have spent a lot of time trying to find some monthly fitness challenges to complete in 2015. I have yet to sign up for ANY races next year and I am so close to pulling the trigger on a couple of them so if you have any suggestions for 2015 races, let me know! I am thinking about going to a 50km race this year to test out my hand at ultras but that is also 143% crazysauce.

Do you have any races planned in 2015? 

How was YOUR week of workouts?


    1. It’s called the Hypothermic Half Marathon because it is in February in Canada and it is usually SUPER cold! And then “half” because the only option for race distance is the half marathon 🙂

  1. I have 3 or 4 half marathons scheduled for 2015 and my first full marathon. Plus a bunch of shorter races splattered in here and there to aid my addition to “shiny race bling”. I also have a swimming event (a 1 mile open water swim) in April and (depending on if I get selected for the NYC marathon) I may end up with 2 full marathons next year.

  2. You have so much choice for races in and near Edmonton. I’ve got a few races on my calendar but I haven’t actually registered yet. Got to do that soon 🙂

  3. I am only registered for one race so far – a 10K in May. The rest will come later. I might run another marathon in the fall or just stick to a half. I am going to try to get into NYC again

    Workouts have just been some strength workouts at home and a 6K run

  4. You should do an ultra!! Your ready. I just signed up for the Vancouver BMO marathon my first ever!! And to top it off I have never been to Vancouver. I am so rxcited.

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