Weekly Workout Recap: How I spend my winter Sundays.

I spend my winter Sundays on the treadmill. Yesterday one of my friends went running outside and spent more time trying not to fall on the ice than actually running. We had had freezing rain overnight which made for insane running conditions. His hips and stabilizer muscles were so sore this morning… but I still had to rub in the fact that I was smart and ran on the treadmill. This morning he intelligently joined me on the treadmill and it made the first part of my run FLY. I need to arrange people to come and hang out with me for every single treadmill run.

That photo above is post-run… hence the weird endorphin smile and hungry-because-I-just-ran-far crazy eyes. My friend ditched me to “spend time with his family” or some other nonsense around 50 minutes. I spent the next 70 minutes dreaming about waffles and watching Will & Grace. 13.15 miles in just under 2 hours.

The best thing after showering all of that sweat and salt off is a hot cup of coffee to take off the chill. I always get so chilled when I cool down from a workout so steaming coffee is a necessity.

I had just spent close to 2 hours on the treadmill dreaming about waffles so I knew exactly what I was having for breakfast. Blueberry waffles with peanut butter, apple slices, and sugar-free syrup. I guess it was practically noon when I was eating them so they made the perfect brunch. This is a recycled photo because I was too hungry and they were too delicious to stop and take a picture.

I use THIS recipe always for pancakes and waffles because it is so simple and really good. If I am making waffles I add a bit more milk to make the batter thinner. The recipe is called “Whole Wheat Pancakes For One”… alternate title “Breakfast for Single Girls Who Have No Man to Make Them Pancakes.”

With that glorious treadmill run I capped my week at 33.47 miles, a bit of spinning, a bit of swimming, and a bit of time on practically every cardio machine at the gym. I forgot to strength train this week apparently 😉

Does anyone want to join me in running a treadmill marathon some day?

How was YOUR weekend?!


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