Weekly Workout Recap: Where is the swimming?

Last night the plan was to go see the new Corner Gas movie (<- probably only Canadians will know what I am talking about) and when we got there it was SOLD OUT. Pretty much the one time I have gone to the movie theatre in the last year and we didn’t even see a movie. 

No one could agree on a make-up movie so we left. It was a sad, sad night. HNIC only made up for a tiny bit of it. Earlier that night at dinner my mom had bought a new table cloth and because I am the “messy one” she made me put a paper napkin under my plate. It was actually a very brilliant idea because I dropped a slice of tomato, a piece of butternut squash, and some cheese from my lentil burger. Oops. 

While writing this, I just finished breakfast and it is approximately noon. Sounds like a Sunday to me! I rolled out of bed at 8 and spent a solid portion of the morning at the gym with my mom. By the time I showered and made some food half of the day was gone! I will spend the rest of the day working but I am glad I got a little bit of a run in to finish off my week of workouts. I jumped on the treadmill and started at 6.0mph, a nice and slow warm up, and then just started increasing until I reached 7.5 mph for most of the last mile. I swear it took 5 miles to warm up my legs and really get into the rhythm of the run.

I left a water bottle in my car overnight (actually for like the last 3 days) and it was frozen solid about half full of water. I brought it into the gym and it thawed as I ran and provided me with the most refreshing ice cold water. I actually drank water as I ran, it’s a miracle. 

I cooled down with some stationary bike action and stretching. My mom fell while running outside yesterday and took it easy at the gym this morning. She has a huge bruise on her leg and a sore shoulder but should heal quickly. Just another reason to love the treadmill. There is only a SLIGHT chance I will fall while running on that thing. 

As I look at my weekly workout recap I realize I didn’t swim at all this week. Or probably for the last two weeks. I think our plunge into the -40 degree Celsius weather really put a damper on my motivation to go swimming, but this week we are actually suppose to climb above 0 degrees so a trip to the pool might just happen. 

What was the last movie you watched in theatres?

What was the best part about your weekend?


  1. Awesome job on the treadmill! Some days it can take my legs FOREVER to warm up!!! The last movie I saw in theatres was MockingJay. It was really good… plus, I will never say no to movie popcorn šŸ˜›

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