15 for the start of ’15.

I actually made it to midnight on New Year’s Eve, it was a new years miracle! My neighbourhood had such a fun party and I had a blast! When I got home just after 2 I realized I had promised to meet my friend for a resolution run 7 hours from then. A text message was quickly sent off to reschedule for 10am. I think yesterday was a day of opposites because I spent the morning being super active and running my buns off for my resolution run and then the afternoon was spent on my couch barely moving at all! I did it though – I completed 15 miles to kick off 2015!

15 for 15

Yes, that is exactly 15.00 miles started at exactly 10:00am. The OCD inside of me is smiling. It was SO WARM yesterday morning which meant I had ZERO excuse to hit the treadmill and every reason to be outside enjoying the first run of the new year. A couple of friends met me for the first miles (in the middle of their run) and my mom ran with me for the first half. She decided to do a 15km run instead of 15 miles so she took a detour at 7.5 miles to reach 9.4 miles when she got home.

shoes mileage

resolution run face

It was an amazing day to be out running, even though I was slightly dehydrated from not drinking any water the night before and drinking a couple of non-water beverages instead, forgetting to bring a drop of water with me on the run, and also forgetting to charge my Garmin the night before and leaving on a 30% battery. Good thing “always be prepared” wasn’t a New Years Resolution of mine. My battery is amazing and actually lasted the entire 2+ hour run! I had a panic attack at 13.96 miles because of this screen of death. Garmin or it didn’t happen.


When I got home I immediately plugged in my watch and I had had 3% battery left. 15 miles was just enough for my watch AND for my body. I took it nice and slow and the wind that picked up during the second half of my run attempted to slow me down but also made me want to run faster to get home and out of the crisp breeze!


I ran out into the quiet country roads. Nothing but me and people in taxis heading to pick up their abandoned vehicles from the night before. I remember last year being -17 on January 1st so this was a nice change! When we left the house it was +2! I ran an out and back 7.5 to make 15 because I was afraid and almost 98% sure my Garmin would die at some point along my run so I figured if the watch made it to 7.5 I could just run back along the same roads and know it was 15 when I got home.


There was only one significant hill on this run, a few rolling hills but this one was tough. I stopped at the “top” to turn around and take a picture of what I had accomplished but I realized then how flat it was and how much I need to work on my hill training. It was steeper in real life I PROMISE!


The warm temperatures definitely made for some muddy streets. It snowed all night last night and it has dipped well below -15 now but yesterday was like a little patch of awesome weather for my run and I was so grateful. I wore running tights, a long sleeve shirt, and a wind breaker but was a little too warm at times… crazysauce. My tights and shoes took a beating but it was totally worth it.

Muddy tights

There were a ton of Resolution Run races across Canada (and most likely many other parts of the world) and I hope they had just as wonderful weather as I did! Just like last year, I nailed my personal resolution run!

What was YOUR first run/workout of the year?




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