I swear I have a real camera somewhere.

That real camera is actually sitting on my dining room table and hasn’t been used very much in the last few months. I hate that I use my iPhone camera for most photos on the blog but it is usually about convenience and having it with me all the time. Unlike my DSLR, my iPhone is small and makes itself at home in my school bag, gym bag, jacket pocket, work vest… pretty much anywhere. I have so many things I want to photograph in this world and they usually end up being terrible photos that don’t really capture what I had intended, so starting now I am going to pull out my actual, nice, shiny, quality camera and take more photos with it.

Instead of running photos like this:


You will hopefully have more like this to see.


I swear once upon a time I took really good photos and I want to get back to that! Looking through my blog photo folders, I really only would blow up and frame about 1.2% of them, and that’s no fun. Sometimes my phone takes really good photos, most likely right after I have actually cleaned the screen and camera… go figure.


I found THESE tips for iPhone photography and I plan on trying some out when I have to be using my phone to take photos. My fancy camera is collecting dust and that is just not okay!


Yesterday morning, after sleeping a solid 8 hours, I hit up the gym a little later than usual. I am finding it tough to balance spin classes at night with next-morning workouts because there is only a period of about 12 hours between the sweat sessions. My body hasn’t fully recovered from spin but I can’t put off my workout until later in the day due to school and work so it’s a challenge. A few things I am trying, after applying the super power of common sense:

  • Ensuring I get at least 7-8.5 hours of sleep between workouts. A workout on a sore body is dangerous, but a workout on a tired AND sore body is just stupid. I need those zzz’s.
  • Stretching. Boom, logic. I laid in bed on Tuesday night and stretched my quads, hips, calves, and hamstrings, and I think it did make a difference. I always guide my classes through a post-spin stretch but I need a little extra to fully loosen those muscles and help recovery.
  • Warm up the next morning. I am terrible for diving straight into a workout but yesterday morning I actually warmed up with 15 minutes of elliptical (on like, level 4) and it got my muscles a little warm before jumping into my run on the treadmill.
  • Water, water, water. I drank a TON of water during and after spin and that really helps my soreness and how long it takes my body to recover.

My run started out really terrible and I thought I was going to quit at mile 1. I thought if I just got to 3 miles I would be happy and I would call it quits. Once I got to three miles I bumped up my pace a little and kept going. It really took almost 4 miles to feel “in the groove” and once I felt good I kept going for a couple more and finished with 7 miles at about 8:38 min/mile.


Once I was nice and salty from that run (it was gross), I did some glute strengthening exercises, core work, and more stretching (<- who am I?). It was a solid workout and I felt less sore than I did going into it! This morning I did a short strength workout because I am teaching spin tonight!

What do YOU use to take photos? Any iPhone photography tips?

What is the minimum time between your workouts?


    1. I think I will need a new phone soon as mine is dying a slow and painful death but you are 100% correct, there is no substitute for a real camera!

  1. I’ve been relying on my iPhone for a while now since I broke my camera on my last vacation. It is definitely convenient and takes decent photos. I’m currently waiting on my new camera and am pretty excited to take some nicer looking photos.

  2. Wow sounds like a great workout! I’m all about stretching, then rolling on the days I feel extra sore. My roller is the BEST! I’m with you on the photos, too. It’s really easy to feel lazy with a phone camera.

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